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Friday, March 16, 2012

Another Original Design/Creation!

While looking for some yarns and threads in the stash in my office recently, I discovered a box of Interlacement's Big Loop Mohair Boucle yarns. The skeins are about 8 oz and the yarn is so soft and lustrous. I immediately grabbed a skein of the "Blues" colorway yarn and started casting on stitches. I was going to make a knitted scarf with it but I decided that this yarn would make a fabulous shawl because of the color, texture, softness and luster. Plus, knitting on big needles makes the fabric very stretchy. I knitted about a foot and then started increasing until I had triple the number of stitches on the needles. I knitted enough so that this wide section would completely hug your shoulders. Then I decreased at the other end, duplicating the other side. These narrower ends can then be tied together, looped over one another or fastened with a shawl pin as shown in one of the photos.

This shawl/wrap is my own design, created without the use of a pattern, making it a Split Rock Ranch Original Design One-of-a-Kind Creation!

Here is the shawl worn draped over the shoulders with the front flaps overlapped and secured with a shawl pin (not included - shown for demonstration only.)

Here is the back of the shawl when worn in this fashion.

You could also fold one side of the shawl over to form a "collar" and then loop the end flaps over one another.

Here is how the back looks when worn in this fashion. You can't see it very well, but the folded down portion forms a cute little "collar" and really helps to keep your neck warm!

Or pull the end flaps through a shawl or scarf ring to secure them at the front.

This could even be worn as a cowl/scarf by folding the center section in half and securing it around your neck. Or, wear it as a hood/scarf/neckwarmer by folding over a portion of the center section and then place it on your head and wrap the ends around your neck.Use your imagination with this versatile piece!

Here is a close up of the stitch and yarn detail - I just love the colors, luster and textures!

This scarf is available in my ArtFire store here.