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Friday, January 29, 2010

Full Moon Rising

Sorry I don't have time to make a long post but I wanted to share these photos of the full moon rising over Pikes Peak tonight. These photos were taken from the deck on the north end of our house. Gorgeous!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Peacock Yarn is in a Treasury!

My Peacock Re-Deux sock yarn is in a Treasury!

Thank you to Dorothy of dorothydomingo for including my yarn in this gorgeous Treasury. I must lead a very sheltered life because I had no idea that there was such a thing as a yarn bowl! What a clever idea. Now I just need to decide which one I want. Decisions...decisions... Please click on the Treasury and click through on my yarn - let's get this Treasury to the front page! Thanks!!

And, here's a plug for Dorothy's fabulous work. Check out this absolutely incredible bowl from her shop:

Oh how I wish I could afford this gorgeous pot! 

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Won a Gift Certificate to Gems by Jerri's Artfire Store!

Before Christmas I won a giveaway on Gems by Jerri's blog. It was a $30 gift certificate to her ArtFire store! I had my eye on a beautiful Fancy Jasper Jewelry set (three-strand necklace, five-strand bracelet and earrings) and it was on sale, to boot!

Jerri mailed the package to me and something went horribly wrong in the USPS mailing system (holiday shipping is a ZOO!) I received the envelope but it was torn on the back of the envelope and the envelope was empty. I emailed Jerri and told her that the package arrived (it took over 9 days to arrive - Jerri mailed it the day after I ordered!) and informed her that the envelope was empty. I did not expect her to do anything but I wanted her to know what happened. She promptly informed me that she would order more supplies and make me a brand new set! I was thrilled! The new set arrived in record time - this time packaged in a box, so it was in perfect condition.

So I would love for everybody to visit Jerri's blog and her ArtFire store and give her some lovin'! Her prices are extremely reasonable. Check out these other lovelies that I have my eye on now:

 A gorgeous freshwater pearl necklace and matching bracelet:

Or how about this fabulous Ching Hai Jade and Black Onxy necklace:

Thank you Jerri for making such beautiful jewelry and for having excellent customer service! You're absolutely the best!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

What I Made This Week

I've been busy again! I have a Fiber of the Month Club - you can order rovings or batts or both. Each month I create a brand new colorway for my Club members and only they can purchase this colorway. January's colorway is Enchanted - Navy Blue, Mallard Green, Gold and Purple.

Sometimes I coordinate the batt to the roving for members who order both. This month it worked out that I had fibers in my blending stash that coordinated beautifully with the roving I dyed.

I also dyed up a variegated Lincoln lamb fleece in Mermaid colors - Turquoise, Navy, Mallard and Purple. I love how the different colors of the fleece (cream, silver, gray) gave these fibers such lovely hues and shades when they were dyed.

And, I dyed up some kid and yearling mohair locks to be used as doll hair or for spinning. The locks that can be used for doll hair take forever to pick out of the fleece. I wash the fleece, dye it, let it dry on the drying rack and then hand select each individual lock from the fleece and lay them all in the same direction. It may take me almost an hour to hand select a couple of ounces of fiber this way. Whatever is left after I've picked out the nicest locks for doll hair I hand pick and sell for spinning, felting or other fiber art. I dyed up some silver locks and some mahogany locks. These fibers are incredibly soft and have fabulous luster (shine) to them.

And finally I carded up several new custom fiber blend batts for spinning, felting or fiber art. Here's Riot.

And Serenity.

So, that is why I haven't posted anything since Wordless Wednesday. When The Creative Muse finally comes around, I have to take advantage of it and do whatever The Muse moves me to create.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sibling Rivalry

I had this card table set up for cutting foam for needle felting kits and after I put everything away I came back and found Precious lounging on the table. This is a standard sized card table - look how much space Precious takes up! She isn't fat, she's just fluffy. And she may be part Maine Coon and they are very large cats.

Then Munchkin decided to come talk trash to Precious.

And Precious set him straight.

Got it...

Friday, January 8, 2010

I've been busy!

Believe it or not, my Mojo returned recently and I finally got inspired to get busy with the dye pots.

Here's what I made:

8 oz of merino/bamboo roving in my November Roving of the Month Club colorway "Christmas Snowflakes". This was a custom order by a club member so she could make a sweater to go with the socks she made from the original superwash wool roving she got in November. I love how these turned out!

I also dyed up a superwash merino/tencel 4 oz roving in my India Spices colorway.
And, a new member of my Roving of the Month Club suggested I add gold or bronze to my Peacock colorway. So, I dyed up this 400 yard skein of superwash wool/nylon. OMG I love how this turned out! It is even richer, darker and more brilliant in person - my photos do not capture the true intense beauty of this skein of yarn.

And, I decided to make a huge 8 oz 440 yard skein of worsted weight wool and silk yarn in a similar colorway only I added a bit of navy blue to the brilliant blue and used a different gold. Because of the yarn content this skein didn't soak up the dyes like the superwash/nylon skein did so it isn't as intense in color but I love how it turned out, too. Again, it is much darker and more brilliant in person than what my photos depict.

In the dye pot today: a gorgeous yearling mohair fleece in light red being dyed into a deep mahogany. This should be stunning! Perfect for doll hair, spinning, adding to a fiber blend batt, etc.

It feels so good to finally have my motivation back where it belongs!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Split Rock Ranch is voted Best in Show in Cafe Handmade Virtual Craft Show

Thank you everybody for voting for Split Rock Ranch in Cafe Handmade's Virtual Craft Show! Because of all the votes we received last week, we won Best in Show! Best in Show winner gets a free ad space on Cafe Handmade's Virtual Craft Show site, announcing them the winner of the previous week's Virtual Craft Show Best in Show. Here is the ad:

So far this week we are, again, in first place. Voting ends in about 30 minutes so we'll see if we can hold onto it until the voting ends. I really appreciate all the support everyone has shown to Split Rock Ranch!

I signed up for 13 weeks in the Virtual Craft Show, starting December 6th - so today starts the 5th week. You can vote once per artisan, per week, per IP address (i.e., per computer). Sometimes it won't let you vote and I have no idea why that happens! You don't have to be a member of Cafe Handmade; you don't have to sign up or register. All you have to do is click on the little heart under the words "Vote for Me!".  Thank you!!