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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Does anybody blog any more???

Now that so many people, including me, are using Facebook not only to connect with each other but to market and sell products as well, I guess blogging has taken a back seat. I'm not even sure people even look at blogs any longer! If you still visit blogs and are interested in seeing more posts about our ranch, please comment!! Thank you!

Monday, July 25, 2016

I'm BACK! Just a teaser post of what we have new going on here at the ranch

Paladins Wild Flower Paladins Design by Daisy Jayne Fallen Ash Farms Mine By Design Fallen Ash Farms Scout Dark Design
Fallen Ash Farms My Oh My
Paladins Daisy Jayne Mt Carmels Paladin
Dels Dream Baby JRs Little Blaze
ch 29.50\" 1981
AMHA IT01333/AMHR - 7
Dels Little Man
Paradise Bird Vant Huttenest
Dels Dream Girl Dels Little Man buck 27.75 1971 MINIATURE AMHA/AMHR
Uruba Bird Vant Huttenest
Paladins Quarter Moons Pawnee Wind Johnsons Lil Blackfoot Apache Fowlers Choctaw
b Pinto 31.25\" 1981
AMHR - 71513A
DD Pine
Johnsons Apryl Jandts Link to Ink Jandts Blanet Spots
blk App 35 In 1982
AMHR - 15600B
Jandts Apple Appaloosa
Little Black Girl
Jandts Jodi of Owatonna JJs Hurby
JJs Nightie of Owatonna
Subras Molly
Pedigree generated by

We have added a couple of miniature horses to our ranch herd. Our latest is Paladin's Wild Flower, a yearling black and white paint filly. We plan to train her to drive a cart and will eventually breed her to our Perlino stallion, Nitro. 

I plan to write a longer blog post soon to catch up from the very long hiatus I've taken from blogging.