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Friday, January 8, 2010

I've been busy!

Believe it or not, my Mojo returned recently and I finally got inspired to get busy with the dye pots.

Here's what I made:

8 oz of merino/bamboo roving in my November Roving of the Month Club colorway "Christmas Snowflakes". This was a custom order by a club member so she could make a sweater to go with the socks she made from the original superwash wool roving she got in November. I love how these turned out!

I also dyed up a superwash merino/tencel 4 oz roving in my India Spices colorway.
And, a new member of my Roving of the Month Club suggested I add gold or bronze to my Peacock colorway. So, I dyed up this 400 yard skein of superwash wool/nylon. OMG I love how this turned out! It is even richer, darker and more brilliant in person - my photos do not capture the true intense beauty of this skein of yarn.

And, I decided to make a huge 8 oz 440 yard skein of worsted weight wool and silk yarn in a similar colorway only I added a bit of navy blue to the brilliant blue and used a different gold. Because of the yarn content this skein didn't soak up the dyes like the superwash/nylon skein did so it isn't as intense in color but I love how it turned out, too. Again, it is much darker and more brilliant in person than what my photos depict.

In the dye pot today: a gorgeous yearling mohair fleece in light red being dyed into a deep mahogany. This should be stunning! Perfect for doll hair, spinning, adding to a fiber blend batt, etc.

It feels so good to finally have my motivation back where it belongs!


tahtimbo said...

Congrats on getting the old mojo back! I have to say that the yarn looks terrific! I especially like the last one. You have been surely blessed with your talent!

Pricilla said...

Oh good for send it my way will you?
heh heh

Lin said...

Hey, if Pricilla gets some, I want some too!!

Split Rock Ranch said...

Mojo - coming at ya!

randomcreative said...

Beautiful! I especially love the last one!

Grampy said...

The last one is my favorite also. And yes this year I guess we could all use some Mojo.

Krystal said...

WOW! those are just smashing. You ever have any small bits (12" up to a few feet) that need a home, please come talk to me. I can couch them onto my bags and quilts. We'll trade :)