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Monday, July 23, 2007

Updated Cria Photos 7-23-07

Here are updated photos of our crias taken today 7-23-07. At top is Argentum, Mr. C (Chocolate Chip aka CUTE!) and Dusty Rose. Next is Mr. C, followed by Moonbeam, followed by Dusty Rose (front, then next photo is side), and last but certainly not least is Argentum.
Moonbeam has put on a lot of bone and has incredible crimp and wave in his fiber. These photos were taken after a rainstorm so the fiber is still damp.
Mr. C remains absolutely adorable - a 10 on the Cuteness scale for sure!
Dusty Rose is such a petite and feminine little thing. I wish you could see how beautifully silky her fiber is.
And Argentum - he really is an awesome young boy! Beautiful color, lots of presence and style, strong level topline, nice heavy bone structure - we wouldn't change a thing about him. He's on our roster for the showring next year!
Notice all the beautiful Penstemon flowers in the photos? I'm going to post flower photos in another blog post.

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