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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Final Cria-tion of 2007 - A Suri Cria!!

Here's the final cria at Split Rock Ranch for 2007 - a gorgeous male suri cria! We haven't named him yet - anybody have any suggestions? His Dam is Charisma and his Sire is Suri Solution ( a suri mini male owned by Stage Stop Llamas). We were hoping for a mini llama - Suri Solution is a mini and Charisma is a foundation mini (she was a mini until she reached 3.5 years of age and then she grew another inch, making her a foundation mini llama). But this boy weighed 25 pounds when born! He has the most unusual coloring - his face is definitely gray - his ears are gray with white on them, his feet are gray with white hairs overlaying - and the rest of him is... I hate the use of the color "taupe" to describe this llama - that is soooo dull and boring and his coloring is anything BUT boring! I'm thinking it is more of a rose gray color - and the luster is spectacular! This is the first cria we have had born at night. Charisma was in labor all day long and didn't deliver him until about 7:30 PM. We rushed out with towels and a cria coat that I had tumbled in the dryer to warm them up, and whisked mom and baby into the warm enclosure of our stock trailer (fully enclosed except for open at the top of the back doors), dried the cria off, put on the cria coat and put a dim nightlight in one of the mangers so they could see, filled a large bucket with fresh hay for Momma and left them to bond overnight. The next morning, Mom and Cria were resting and it was snowing so I left them in the trailer all day. When I got home from work, it was nice and sunny and warm so I put them back into the girls' pasture and all the girls and other crias welcomed the new cria into the herd. The new little guy jumped and ran and stretched his new little legs. These photos were taken the next morning.


Shell said...

Awe, he is such a cutie-pie. It looks like his first night was pretty good.

bev said...

Suri Starlight...Suri with the Fringe on top...He is adorable and is sure to grow into a beautiful, prize winning boy! Congrats!!!

Split Rock Ranch said...

Suri Starlight - I like that one! I came up with Charismatic Solution (Dam = Charisma, Sire = Suri Solution) Shimmering Sands, Starlight Sensation and a few others that I cannot recall right now but I wrote them down as I thought of them. What is so cool about this little guy is that because my voice is the first thing he heard and it was dark out so he remembered my voice and not what he could see (or in that instance what he couldn't see), whenever he hears my voice his little head pops up and he searches the pasture looking for me, then comes running to greet me. I'm such a proud grandma! Ha!