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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wood Violets - New Limited Edition Custom Fiber Blend

This Limited Edition Custom Fiber Blend combines soft merino wool and tencel roving, custom dyed first clip kid mohair, wool top and glitz in beautiful shades of teal, lavender and purple to create this gorgeous blend. Gently blended on our drum carder using a technique we have perfected to assure good color separation.
These batts are going to produce a somewhat textured yarn because I hand teased the kid mohair locks to leave as much curl in them as possible so they are not all carded into smooth straight fibers. You'll probably even end up with some mohair curl since these batts contain 35% kid mohair curls!
2.2 oz in one beautiful lofty ultra-soft batt. Two batts available at the time of this posting. See my etsy store!
Fiber Content:
Kid Mohair 35%
Merino 25%
Tencel 10%
Wool top 25%
Glitz 5%

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