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Monday, June 1, 2009


Today I'm celebrating my 50'ish birthday and the first anniversary of my "retirement" from my "real job" to work our ranch and my fiber business full time. I think I'll have a sale in my etsy store to celebrate. May sales in my etsy store were pathetic, the worst I've ever experienced. I don't know if it is the economy or if I am not offering what people want to buy or what. I find it difficult to get inspired and creative if I think it will just sit in a Rubbermaid storage bin waiting for someone to fall in love with it. I just pulled several batts from my store (listings that just expired) and I'm going to sit down today and spin them into yarn. Then if we can get some decent lighting I'll photograph the two batches of fleece I dyed last week and get those listed in my store.

It started out as a beautiful day yesterday morning. We sold two female llamas to a retired couple who live about an hour south of us who have several acres of land and wanted a couple of females to help guard their chickens, etc. Then we photographed one of our young male llamas that I had just sheared last Wednesday evening, and I posted his new photos to our ranch website. We then headed to Colorado Springs to spend the afternoon at my parents' house. My Dad's birthday is tomorrow and we always celebrate our birthdays together. They had a gorgeous cheesecake sampler that we dove into, along with fresh strawberries, and then played cards for a couple of hours before heading back home. The closer we got to home, the harder it was raining. The road was so muddy we almost slid sideways several times. We fed the horses and the llamas in the rain and were muddy, wet and cold when we got done with chores. This morning is more of the same. I'd love one full day of sunshine so things will dry out and I can cheer up!

Sorry for the kind of "downer" post but its just one of those days. I'm posting some photos of my fibers and the llamas, just because I like to see photos in the posts. Have a great day!


Audrey said...

Happy 50ish Birthday!! Hope you have an awesome day!

Meghann said...

That blue fiber is gorgeous, and the llama isn't too bad either!
I'm sure your sales and sale/specials will pick up - mine also dropped off the last few months due to the economy, despite mega sales (50% off even!). Don't worry, it will get better! Your work is beautiful :)

Daisy said...

Happy Birthday to you and your dad! Your yarn is so pretty, I wish my Mommie had any talent to make something with it.

PJ said...

happy birthday to you. i love seeing your pics of your fibers and llamas. i find it very interesting that you raise llamas. hope your day gets better.

Pricilla said...

Happy Birthday!
The llama is quite handsome.
I hope sales pick up soon.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great birthday! Sounds like you had some delicious food too:) I'll have to go check out your shop!

Dickens said...

Hi Brenda

I usually get logged out on Blogger comments but have to try and wish you a Very Happy Birthday. And thanks for having become such a great member on Creative Cafe as well. And thanks for all the lovely and interesting pictures of your wools and animals which I really look forward to seeing.

Bye for Now

AVA said...

Happy birthday!!! And to your father too.

Don't be low...pwweaaazze.. :)

Your etsy items are wonderful.
I love the alpenglow best. But the other items are beautiful too.

But thanks to the recession I don't have money to spend, and I'm sure it's the same for many other people.

Just keep your spirits up and wait.
It'll blow over and people will send their money again, when the get it.

Miriam said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Don't let things get you down. The economy is putting a hurting on all of us! Things will hopefully pick up soon.

WillOaks Studio said...

So you're a "June Baby" too? Well happy fiftyish...I'm gonna' use that too (I've been saying "I hit the speed limit this year!" as an overt hint.) So HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Yes, sales are way off for me, too and I'm not sure the exact "why" either. But thanks for sharing your thoughts, your adorable black llama (I want him/her!) and lovely fibers. And for all your help with my incessant questions....teehee!

ROSILIE said...

Thank you for your birthday greetings. I wish you had great day too on your birthday. We both share a special day. my best wishes to you always.

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Happy birthday! Good luck with your sale :) Try not to get too down - I think a lot of people have been having sucky sales lately.