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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

OLIVIA'S PANSIES - Handspun 3-Ply Yarn - Merino and Silk - 280 yards

Olivia's Pansies is spun, steamed and listed! This is a 4.5 oz roving from cloudlover69 on Etsy in her Olivia colorway: olive green, cobalt blue and purple in an 80% Merino/20% Silk fiber. This yarn has lots of luster, drapes beautifully and is next to the skin soft. This is Navajo-plied (3-ply - also called "chain plyed") and I ended up with 280 yards of DK weight @ 12 wpi.

Here is the original roving (Olivia)
And the finished yarn - Olivia's Pansies


Regina said...

Love the colors...I see a Spring Faery wrapped in there!!!! ^_^


Pricilla said...

My favorite color's stunning.
Now if only I could knit.

Ann said...

I may not understand everything you said about it but it sure is pretty. Love those colors.

randomcreative said...


I have been given the Sunshine Award and I have decided to pass it onto you!

to receive your award just go to my blog and copy it over :)

alba said...

I find those yarns of you truly beautiful, because of colors, because of texture..
Truly inspirational!

Split Rock Ranch said...

Regina: Indeed, there is a Spring Faery in this yarn! ;o)

Pricilla: Thank you! Remember...I knit & crochet AND I do custom orders (in case you wanted something special made from any of my yarns one day.)

Ann: Thank you! I think may it is time for a spinning yarn post to explain the process.

RandomCreative: Thank you! Congratulations on your award and thank you for passing it along to me!

Alba: Thank you so much! I hope that my yarns are an inspiration for a fabulous finished product for someone! I always love to see what others make with the yarns and fibers that I create.