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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

On the Wheel, Kitten Update, Etc.

We're still staying busy here at the ranch but I wanted to share some updates with you.

First, the foster kittens went back to the shelter on Monday. It was very difficult for us to say goodbye to these gorgeous kittens. Jellybean was the most difficult to let go this time. She has adjusted well to life in the shelter, although the little feral kittens were terrified of their new home. They were spayed and neutered yesterday and I'm hoping they find their new furever homes soon.

Uncle Munchkin was extremely upset that I took his babies away. He came into my office and peed on my chair and then spent hours roaming the house calling for the kittens. I promised him that I would get more kittens for him to care for soon - but he's still mad! Here's a photo I snapped of Munchkin and three of the kittens lounging on the bags of fiber in the bathtub. That's Barbie tucked under Munchkin, Kenny with his head over Munchkin's leg and Jellybean lounging in her favorite sunny side up position behind. Krissy was in the cube on the floor snoozing at the time.

I am in the middle of a custom dye/spinning order right now. I'm spinning up superwash BFL into sock yarn. I have finished spinning the first bobbin - half of a 4 ounce braid - and will get started on the second half hopefully today. If I can get 400 to 450 yards out of these 4 ounces I'll be done with the job but if not, I'll have to dye up another 2 ounces to get the required yardage for the customer. This colorway is called "Tuscany". I love the rich earthy colors in it!

Here is one 2 ounce braid along with the other braid stripped and ready for spinning.

And here is half of the first bobbin on the wheel


Pricilla said...

Oh dear! I guess you got told. I'm sorry about your chair.

Those colors are stunning!

Ann said...

Beautiful colors.
Poor Munchkin, He wasn't even subtle about letting you know his disapproval. Hope he gets over being mad at you soon.

Lisa - Alterity Button Jewelry said...

Gorgeous colors, as always! I'm so jealous you get to play with wool all day long!!!

Lin said...

Hey, was that Confucius leaving a comment up there???

Oh, that had to be hard to give the kitties up. I can't believe your kitty was so mad! My two would kill to get rid of each other.

Split Rock Ranch said...

Pricilla: Yeah, he told me. And I told him right back! He's cool now though so its all good. Chair is cleaned so no big deal. Thanks for the kind words on the colors! I finished spinning it tonight and will ship it tomorrow. Hope to get some photos of it first though. It turned out stunning.
Ann: Thank you! Munchkin is over his Mad. Its to hot for him to keep a mad on for long. Thank goodness!
Lisa: Thank you! I get to play with fiber and critters all day long. Life is good!
Lin: It was hard to give the kitties up but somebody has already applied to adopt Jellybean. OMG - LOL - had to giggle over your comment. Our cats all get along pretty well and Munchkin adores the kittens, I have no idea why. But its a good thing!

And I have no idea what is with the random comments left on the blog. I delete them. If I cannot read the language of who they're coming from or the message, they're outta here, pronto!

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Wow, Munchkin really takes his fostering personally! I hope he understood that the kittens are all right (better than all right, really) and nothing bad happened to them.

My human loves the colors of the yarn, BTW. Is someone really going to make socks with it? Seems too pretty to hide under pants.

Sharkbytes said...

Very hot!

Split Rock Ranch said...

Sparkle: Yes, Munchkin takes his job VERY seriously! I have explained to him that we are just taking care of the foster kittens until they're ready to go to their new loving furever homes but sometimes he forgets because he gets sooo attached to them! He's okay now and I've promised him that soon we will have another litter of foster kittens for him to care for.

And yes, somebody is actually going to make socks out of that yarn! Maybe she'll wear short pants so you can see them. I'm going to soon post pics of the completely finished yarn - it shipped out today!

Sharkbytes: Thank you!