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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Foster Kittens Snoopervising

I posted this on Facebook yesterday. It is my foster kittens snoopervising loading of the dishwasher. My friend Barb put this comment under the photo, which I think is absolutely perfect 
Ah the Itty Bitty Kitteh 
Dish Washing Committee


Ann said...

that is the perfect comment I love it. And how cute they are with their snoopervising

Lin said...

Ahhh, I LOVE the comment! That is what I love most about kittens....their unending pursuit of sticking their nose into whatever you are or aren't doing at the moment. I kinda miss that when they grow up.

Nancy said...

OMG tooooo cute!!

randomcreative said...

There are no words to fully describe how cute that is!!

Lynne said...

Such a cute ittie bittie committee!