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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year - Reflecting on 2010 - Foster Kittens

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..... ll . .`•.¸¸ HAPPƔ ƝƐW YEAR
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 Where has 2010 gone to? It seems we just celebrated Christmas 2009 not that long ago.
Looking back on 2010:
We fostered 15 kittens from the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter - that is a record for us! We were blessed with some adorable kittens this year. First (in February) were Thelma & Louise (rescued from the helipad in Victor) who had new homes even before we took them back to the shelter in late April, followed shortly thereafter by the nekked as a jay bird bottle fed kitten, Jellybean (found in a trash can at a gas station). Then came Barbie and Kenny and a week later their sister Krissy (all rescued from a trailer park in Woodland Park - Krissy was found almost dead in a trash can). Immediately after Jellybean, Barbie, Ken & Krissy went back to the shelter in July we got Magpie & Raven (found outside at the Children's ARK in Ute Pass - Magpie was a "special needs" kitten). In August we got Black Jack, Blackberry, Inky (who we called Blueberry or "Boo") and Soot (who we called Ace of Spaced or "Ace") all slender little short haired black Oriental kittens. When I picked Ace and Boo up from the vet's office, it turns out Ace had been switched with Espresso (another black kitten who had been at the vet's for neutering that same day - also from the shelter). We kept Espresso because he needed some socialization work. He went back to the shelter in mid December and I was bereft without kittens in the house! Two days later the shelter called and asked if I could take in two more kittens - of course I could!! So we picked up Mickey and Mack and they are still here. I am in love with Mickey but hubby says we already have enough cats and don't "need" another one. is so hard sometimes to foster these little love bugs and then take them back to the shelter when the time comes!
Tomorrow I'll reflect more on what we did in 2010.



Ann said...

They are all so adorable. I know I would get way too attached to them and have a hard time returning them.

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Wow, you gave an awful lot of kitties a good start in life! I hope they all found good homes.

Split Rock Ranch said...

Ann: I was seriously tempted to keep several of these kittens! Our daughter adopted Jellybean so I still get to see her.
Sparkle: The only one who hasn't yet been adopted is Espresso. Hopefully he'll find his furever home soon. And, I still have Mack and Mickey but I'm sure they'll be adopted fast, they're SO cute!

reanaclaire said...

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Mags said...

What a great way to help! Those kittens are darling! Have a great New Years!