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Friday, January 14, 2011

Catching Up

I haven't done much blogging lately, mainly because I have been so busy with so many other things I just haven't had time!

Update on our latest foster kittens - Mack and Mickey - Mack went to the vet for his neuter surgery last Thursday and was adopted on Friday! GO Mack! Mickey was schedule to go to the vet for his surgery on the same day but a few days before the surgery was scheduled he started vomiting at night, had loose stools, was sneezing and his left eye was watering. We made the decision to hold off on his surgery to allow him to get better first. On Monday the shelter called and asked if he was good to go and wanted a current weight on him. I weighed him and discovered he had lost 1.5 ounces in a week! I know that doesn't seem like much but when we're talking about a kitten under 3 pounds, that's a lot of weight - it worked out to over 3% of his body weight. I thought back to any changes we had made recently and remembered that I had started to add the kitten food that they feed at the shelter and thought that perhaps he was allergic to it. So, we removed that food from his diet and he hasn't vomited since then, his stool has firmed up and he is no longer sneezing. His eye is still runny but we're treating it now with eye drops. He also gained back all the weight he had lost and is far more active than he was when he wasn't feeling well.

I have been very busy crocheting new creations. I revised my Mermaid extreme fringe scarf and added additional tailspun yarn fringe on the ends to "beef" it up a bit. It then sold right away.

I also sold the Wild Flowers scarf that I recently created - this scarf was a variation of the basic extreme fringe scarf that I've been making. I was able to get two skeins of the tailspun yarn and was able to make a long (over 6 feet) scarf and put the fringe on all of both sides, creating a very full and very vibrant look! This scarf sold immediately.

I had yarn left over after making the Wild Flowers extreme fringe scarf so I decided to make a cowl out of these same yarns. Here is Wild Flowers Cowl - available in my ArtFire store.

And, I also finished a work in progress - Cottage Rose - a hand knitted triangle shawl/scarf made from hand painted wool yarns. Cottage Rose is also available in the ArtFire store.

So, you can see that I really haven't been slacking off, I truly have been extremely busy lately! Now it is time to take a break from creating and start working on getting all my paperwork organized to prepare our taxes. I always dread this time of year because I am usually so disorganized but this past year I did a much better job of sorting, logging and filing my paperwork so it shouldn't take me nearly as long to get it all done this year. I might even actually have our taxes prepared before April 15th for a change!


Anonymous said...

Glad the kitty's getting better! And that last shawl is gorgeous!

Pricilla said...

Poor kitty. I'm glad he's better.
Beautiful work. Absolutely gorgeous.

Split Rock Ranch said...

Nancy: Thank you! I'm glad the kitty is better, too. We just adore this kitten!
Pricilla/Patty: I'm just glad we figured out it was allergies causing the problems. And thank you so much for your kind words about my work. ;o)

Duni said...

Yay for Mack! I'm so glad he found a furever home. I pray for a fast recovery for the other little kitty!
The cottage rose scarf is gorgeous!

Split Rock Ranch said...


Thank you! Mickey has recovered nicely. And, I just weighed him this morning and discovered that he now weighs 3 pounds 2 oz - last Monday he weiged 2 pounds 12 oz so he has gained an ounce a DAY since we got him off the food he is allergic to! He's extremely active and back to being the gorgeous little bouncing baby boy he was before.

Lin said...

I love coming over here to see what you are up to! Lovely colors and cute kitties! Hope the little guy is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

I completely love those scarves...especially the mermaid one :) *jealous*

Anonymous said...

God bless you Brenda for taking care of them and for being such a wonderful foster mommy ! On another hand, I'm eyeballing your scarves and I cannot stop thinking how would I look with the Wild Flowers matching perfect my winter jacket ..... Now you got me hooked, I will have to buy one !

Split Rock Ranch said...

Lin: Thanks! Mickey is better and has gone back to the shelter to find his furever home. Oh how we wish we could keep him!
Lisa: The new owner of Mermaid says it is her favorite scarf. Only ONE scarf left in the ArtFire store and my yarn supplier has informed me she will no longer be spinning and selling the tailspun yarns.
Monica: Thank you! Wild Flowers scarf is sold but the Wild Flowers cowl is still available. I love the Wild Flowers cowl so much I'm making another one for myself. I only have one of the long extreme fringe scarves left in stock - Spiced Curry - in the ArtFire store.