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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A New Rescue Kitten - Mowgli

Saturday afternoon our daughter called to tell us that our son had called her wanting to know if she could come get a little feral/stray kitten and take care of it. Apparently a momma kitty had kittens under the bay window at our son's house. While she was moving kittens to a new location she either dropped one or he wandered off while she was moving the others. Our granddaughter found a kitten and picked it up and brought it into the house. Momma didn't come back for him. So, they called our daughter, knowing she has experience with raising tiny kittens. We went down the mountain to Colorado Springs on Sunday to see the kitten. He is one of the cutest little kittens I've ever seen. Because our daughter works a full-time job and because this little guy is young enough that he needs to be bottle fed, I offered to take him and raise him. It just makes more sense because I work from home and can feed him every few hours without any problems. I think he is probably about 4 weeks old. One of our male cats, Munchkin, was a rescued feral kitten that we also bottle fed and he loves helping to take care of kittens.

Here is little Mowgli
And here is little Mowgli with Uncle Munchkin
And I took a video with my digital camera (I've never used this feature before!)
 I had just fed little Mowgli his bottle and Munchkin was laying behind us on the chair so I set Mowgli up with Munchkin and Munchie started to clean little Mowgli.

Isn't Munchkin just the best surrogate Momma cat?! He loves taking care of kittens.


Pricilla said...

In that last photo Munchkin seems to be saying, "touch my kitteh and die!"

Split Rock Ranch said...

LOL - It does look like that's what Munchkin is thinking! Later I'll post the photo of him smiling with his new kitten.

Emma Springfield said...

What a furry cutie. He is hard to resist.

BeadedTail said...

What a sweet little kitten! The video is adorable! Munchkin is so loving with that baby!

Lin said...

Munchkin rocks! I can't believe how sweet his is with those babies!! I'm so glad you could help the little one. :)

Split Rock Ranch said...

Emma: I couldn't resist - that's why I brought him home! LOL
BeadedTail: I am always amazed at how wonderful Munchkin is with the kittens.
Lin: Yes, Munchkin rocks! I am enjoying caring for little Mowgli. Now, if I had to get up in the middle of the night for bottle feedings, I'm not sure I'd be lovin' it so much though. LOL

Daisy said...

Oh Munchkin, what a good boy you are!

Michelle said...

Munchkin is wonderful and so are you for helping adorable little Mowgli!!!

Lisa - Alterity Button Jewelry said...

Ohh...Mowgli is so sweet! Enjoy him :)

Split Rock Ranch said...

Daisy: Munchkin says thank you - he tries!
Michelle: Thank you so much. We love doing it!
Lisa: Thank you - we are enjoying him immensely!

Duni said...

I had to watch this video three times it is SO CUTE!!!
Thank you for rescuing him. You are a wonderful person!

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Munchkin is the perfect Mr. Mom!

Janet at New Moon Glass said...

What a cute kitten...beautiful blue eyes! Munchkin will make a great mentor I'm sure.

Anna said...

Mowgli is adorable! And what a wonderful cat-pal Munchkin is! I love them both!