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Monday, August 1, 2011

Cria and Goat Update

Sorry its been awhile (again) since I posted but I've been super busy around the ranch and keeping up with the auction for my niece on Facebook.

I wanted to share some additional photos of the little Nigerian Dwarf goat kids I got recently. These little guys were both born in April so they are a little over three months old now.

This is Gladiator

And this is Darrel

They LOVE to climb and jump on things. I put this ramp up to the top of their house and they love to run up it and then jump off and run back to do it again and again and again.

Today when I went out to check on things, I found the two of them curled up sleeping in the shade on top of the chicken run. Darrel was asleep on the tarp at one end and Gladiator was curled up sleeping on board that I have sitting on top of the run to protect the opening into the chicken coop from rain. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me and as soon as they realized I was outside, they woke up and jumped off, running to me to say hello. They follow me everywhere like little puppies. They even wag their tails like a dog! They really are very cute. Sometimes annoying...but cute.

And here are some updated photos of Phoenix and Rosie. They are grazing while Rosie's momma, Minnie Pearl, is resting.

And here is Phoenix with his half sister Dazzle (they have the same dam) drinking out of a puddle after the rain.

And here is Rosie, posing for me. I finally managed to get several great photos of her standing still!! We are more and more impressed with Rosie every day. She has such incredible fiber and the color is awesome. Her personality is absolutely precious. We just love her!

We should have at least one more cria in late September/early October. Dazzle is bred to our silver ALSA Halter Champion, Tempis Fugit.

Sorry, she was very busy eating and drinking!


Pricilla said...

Rosie looks like she is wearing a sweater!

Landman said...
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Split Rock Ranch said...

I love when people leave comments but I will delete comments that are clearly just somebody "advertising" for their biz. I'm okay with regular visitors and friends plugging their biz or a friend's biz, but not somebody who clearly left a comment as a blatant ad for their biz. There, rant over!

Lin said...

Oh, they are LOVELY!! They all look so soft to touch--are they??

catsmum said...

I have Saanan and Nubians [ who don't know it but they're actually alpaca substitutes ] ... what I really want is a nigerian ... or a pygora ... but no one has 'em in OZ. There are what is termed Australian Miniatures but they aren't as small or as cute as your guys. Oh maybe ONE day :)