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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another llama for our show string - Wheatfield's Spencer

While we were at the LOCC Fall Classic Llama show and the Rocky Mountain Regional Llama Show over Labor Day weekend, we fell in love with this young male llama. His name is Wheatfield's Spencer. His owners/breeders are retiring and getting out of the llama business so they wanted to get their animals placed into new homes.

Spencer was already entered into the LFA Fall Harvest Show and the LFA Futurity Show on September 16-18 so we agreed to have them show Spencer at these shows and we would figure out how to then get Spencer here to Colorado from his home in Kansas. Spencer came to Colorado yesterday with some friend's who live 20 miles to the west of us; they had also attended the LFA show and sale so they brought him back home with them. We went to pick Spencer up last night.

I fell in love with Spencer's color and his adorable face. His color is a gorgeous rose gray and the fiber is incredibly silky soft.

Just look at his fiber!

Spencer placed first in his class and then took Grand Champion Heavy Wool Male at the LFA Fall Harvest show!

I checked Spencer's other placings that I could find on-line and see that he also placed first and Grand Heavy Wool Male at the Nebraska State Fair this summer.

Stay tuned for more of Spencer as he grows up here at Split Rock Ranch!


Pricilla said...

Oh he is a sweet boy.

Lin said...

Oh, Spencer is very handsome indeed!

Split Rock Ranch said...

Pricilla: Thank you! He really is a very sweet boy.

Lin: Thanks! We just love this little guy! I'm thinking he and little Rosie will make quite the pair when they're both old enough. ::wink, wink::

CrochetBlogger said...

He is so adorable and his fiber definitely looks luscious!