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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Emma Lea is growing up!

The little bottle fed kitten, Emma Lea, is now fully weaned and eating solid foods on her own. She's gained a LOT of weighed since we rescued her. She was a tiny 13 ounces when we got her and she now weighs one pound 8 ounces.

I got some photos of her today but they aren't very good because she was running all over my office and I had to use the flash so the camera took too long to take the photos. But, you get the idea.

Her eyes are turning from baby blue to green.

And I love her markings!


Pricilla said...

She is a cutie

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

It's always so great to see bottle babies growing and thriving!

Lin said...

Oh, dang! You forget how cute those little ones are! While I would love to have another one around here, my Christmas tree is happy that we don't.

Split Rock Ranch said...

Pricilla: Isn't she cute? The cute-o-meter is pegged!

Sparkle: Bottle babies are tough, especially when you try to wean them to solid foods but Emma did great. She had a bit of a rough patch for awhile there but she's doing great now.

Lin: I have had foster kittens for so many years now, we just stopped even thinking about putting up the Christmas tree! Now that the kids are married and gone, I'm okay without the tree. The cats thought it was a jungle gym installed for their enjoyment and the YorkiePoo thought we had brought the toilet indoors. Sigh...good thing I really, really, really love my critters!

Rose said...

Adorable! I'm glad that she's doing so well.

Anna said...

So sweet! Our kittens had to be partly bottle-feed. The one kitten, Peep, was so tiny when he was born that I took special care to make sure he was feed. We gave him the name 'Peep' because he peeped, squeeled and cried for more food! (Should have named him 'Oliver Twist') Now he his the biggest cat we have!
His markings are a lot like Emma Lea's.

Here's a post with pictures of him when he was little:

K is for kittens

Best wishes,