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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wildflower Shawl - My newest handmade creation!

I recently purchased some beautiful hand painted yarn that is a textural delight of 50% silk and 50% rayon spun into a textured boucle-type yarn and dyed in rose, cornflower blue, deep lavender and sage green; the colors remind me of a field of wildflowers blooming in a summer mountain meadow. The yarn is very soft and silky with a beautiful drape to it and incredible luster and shine.

I hand crocheted this shawl using the silk/rayon yarn. I used a butterfly wing shawl pattern so the resulting shawl resembles butterfly wings!

I am including a gorgeous silver toned scarf ring that you can slip the tips of the wings through to secure the shawl around your shoulders.

Here is a close-up of the scarf ring
And here is the back of the shawl

Or, you can wear the shawl "backwards" with the wings crossed behind the neck and secured back in the front, the tip of the shawl is pulled up and looped through the center top part of the shawl and then the wings are secured with the scarf ring to form a cozy cowl.

Or, wear the shawl turned 90 degrees so that the back is worn on one shoulder and the wings are secured at the other shoulder with a scarf ring or shawl pin.

Use your imagination to create lots of different looks with one gorgeous shawl!

The Wildflower Shawl is available for sale in our ArtFire store. Valentine's Day is next month and this shawl would be the perfect spring wrap for that special someone in your life!

Or, check out our Handmade Accessories section in the ArtFire store to see what else we have available.

I used the same yarn (50/50 silk/rayon) hand painted in shades of rose, mauve, orchid and tan to make this Old Rose ruffled spiral scarf.


Pricilla said...

Such pretty spring colors!

Rose said...

Gorgeous pieces! I especially love the shawl! That's great that it's so versatile.

coloradosaferepair said...

I love your creativity and the color's are amazing

Anna said...

Dear Brenda,

Lovely colours! Really cheery at this time of year.

Just so that you know, I've had to change blog address very quicky this past week. An attack of virus is what the people at Project Wonderful suspect.

So my blog 'Anna's Adornments' now resides at this URL:

Suddenly one day I could not look at the public side of my blog without being redirected to a site that said that my domain name had expired and that I could purchase a new one or renew my old one with them.

I don't like aggressive marketing so I did not renew my blog with these carpetbaggers. I just simply created a new free Blogger blog and moved over/exported all of my posts and comments to my new version of 'Anna's Adornments', the only difference is the little hyphen between 'annas' and 'adornments' in the URL.

But I lost all of my 134 followers on Friend Connect and my 43 followers on NetworkedBlogs. So it is still a bit like starting over from scratch.

To make something good of something bad, I've tried to make my new blog look a little fresher.

Please stop by whenever you have the time.

Thank you so much for putting your badge on my EC-widget. I have moved Entrecard to the right blog.

Best wishes,