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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday River!

Our standard poodle puppy, River Runner, is one year old today!

Here is River with his littermates

Here is River as a puppy

And here is River enjoying his first snow

Here is River last October

Here is River yesterday morning

And here is River after his first professional grooming/clipping

River and Pippin (our YorkiePoo) are best buddies. Thank goodness we have Pippin to play with River! After River came home from his grooming appointment, Pippin didn't know at first who he was!

We like the look of the long haired River best but he was already getting so hot that we decided to have him clipped short for the summer. We'll let his fur grow and have him clipped again next Spring. In between now and then, I hope he'll let me keep his face shaved short. With the fuzzy face, he soaks up a TON of water when he drinks and then dribbles it everywhere. I think he was dribbling more water than he drank recently. We had to keep a mop handy so we wouldn't slip and fall on the wet floors.

I had the groomer save the fur that she clipped off River yesterday. She gave me a huge bag of black poodle fur! I weighed it after I got it home and it weighs over 2 pounds (including the weight of the bag) Wow! I recently finished spinning just over a pound of black poodle fur for a customer and the yarn turned out fabulous. I'll share pics in another post. I can't wait to spin River's fur and make something out of the yarn!


Patty Woodland said...

That was one big poodle litter! And a lot of poodle fur!

Lin said...

Yeah, I like him all fluffy better too, but I get it about the heat and upkeep and all. He sure is a handsome buggar!

I can't wait to see what the poodle hair/fur looks like after it is spun! And I'm curious as to what you will make with it.

Split Rock Ranch said...

Hi Patty and Lin!! <<>>> It was a big litter of puppies! I don't mind the upkeep as much as we were concerned about the heat. He was panting so much at night we decided that we needed to get him clipped short for the summer. We'll let it grow out for the winter months so he doesn't freeze his patooshky off. I'm hoping he'll allow me to keep his faced shaved. I've always groomed my own dogs but he was so frightened of the clippers, I just couldn't get the job done by myself this time. Keep your fingers crossed that he'll let me keep his face trimmed so we can keep the rest of him longer!