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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Day Two for New Boy Crias

Our two little boys born yesterday, 6-16-07, are doing great. They are already running around the pasture playing with the two older crias, born 5-25-07 (Moonbeam) and 6-03-07 (Dusty Rose). Winona's little charcoal gray cria isn't quite as adventurous as Geni's little appaloosa boy but then Geni's little boy is 4 hours older. Here are some updated photos of the crias, taken early evening today, 6-17-07. Isn't the photo of Winona "kissing" her little boy cute?! Notice that Geni's little boy is already "grazing" with his momma.

I could sit for hours in the pasture with a camera, watching the crias play and the herd interact with each other, just waiting for the perfect shot. I hope you enjoy the photos I managed to get today!
I've posted an updated photo of Dusty Rose, too. She is two weeks old today.

Tune in again soon for updated photos of the babies.


Sam @ Angora Craft said...

How are the girls and boys doing? They look so much different in a day! I especially love the look of Moonbeam who has grown so much and is one super elegant-looking cria. Yes, pictures of Winona kissing her little boy is absolutely adorable. All the moms always seem so passionate with their little babies. Boy, don't I want to see them live in action? Have you tried capturing video clips of them?


PS: I've been quiet in the mess that ebay thing. Will write you more soon :)

Split Rock Ranch said...

Hi Sam: The babies are all doing great. They're growing like little weeds! My favorite cria this year is the little appy boy that Geni had. I think I'm going to name him Chocolate Chip Muffin or Chocolate Chip Special. Jim calls him Mr. C - the C is for CUTE! Yes, we have a video of Winona playing with one of the other crias when she was a baby. We had it posted to our website but it takes a lot of memory to download and watch so most people couldn't pull it up. I wish you could see them play. I need to get more photos taken but things are so busy - I'm still busy shearing as time allows. We spent hours yesterday cutting out fighting teeth from the adult males so now we're done with that nasty chore until the younger boys grow up and get their fighting teeth. Always good to hear from you!