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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

New Crias (Baby Llamas)

Here are Midnight Moonbeam (white cria - center left) and Dusty Rose (creamy silver cria - center right) Moonbeam, aka The Beamer, was born on Friday May 25th. He is only 10 days older than Dusty Rose but look at the difference in size and posture. Once Dusty Rose completely "unfolds" she will look more like Moonbeam. She looks "dirty" but she is actually a very unusual creamy silver gray with peachy rose gray highlights.

Here is our newest addition to Split Rock Ranch. Dusty Rose was born Sunday, June 3, 2007. The above photo was taken when Dusty Rose was about 24 hours old. She is getting a llama kiss from her Aunt Jewell. The entire herd shares in caring for the crias - they will completely surround the cria when danger is sensed or perceived. Our older females will "prong" only when there are new babies - and then once they've taught the llama babies to prong, you generally will not see them prong again until there is another baby to teach.

We will post additional photos as these babies grow. We have two more crias due any day now so visit again to see more info.


April said...


Sam @ Angora Craft said...

Kisses to Moonbeam and Dusty Rose! They are absolutely adorable. I especially love the picture of Dusty Rose & Aunt Jewell. Who would know cria can grow that much in 10 days.

Congrats to your new blog :) It's always fun to read your insightful, informative, and cute llama stories. And as usual, you and your husband always have a magic picture taking touch!

Mizz Lizz said...

Here's a feat for ya Brenda, can you get a pic of them 'pronging'for us? that would be really something!

They are ABSOLUTELY the most precious babies ever! It's hard to believe how well they do and look hours after being born!
Their hair looks so poofy and I can't help but think~~~ Hmmmmmm don't their soft tresses look perfect for baby doll hair! heehee

Enjoy them all and have FUN picture taking! (c:,

~*~HÜGZ from your Pa~*~

Split Rock Ranch said...

Hi Mizz Lizz!

I wish I could get a photo of them pronging for you! A video would be even better. Maybe some day we'll all have the proper technology to record such events, post them, download them and watch them.

Yes, it is amazing how well they do within hours of birth. Most of them are struggling to stand within minutes of birth and within hours are running around - still a bit wobbly but running all the same. I love watching the entire process and each new cria is as amazing to watch as the last.

Oh yes, their fiber would make amazing doll hair. I usually shear the crias and keep that first fleece for my own private stash but every once in awhile I let one go. By the way, I have more belly wool collected for you! I sheared a few more llamas this past weekend. I think I'm almost done with that chore for this year.

I am going to start posting photos of my dyeing and spinning projects. I snagged a batch of 50/50 Silk/Wool custom fiber blend out of my etsy store and started spinning it yesterday. AMAZING! I'll get pics posted soon.

Hugs back at ya!