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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Update on September Cria

Here are some current photos of the cria born in September. He has a name now, too. He is Split Rock Wildfire's Hotshot. This little guy is incredible - he has correct conformation, beautiful strong level topline and such style and presence! His entire demeanor just screams "Look at me!" We plan to add him to our showstring in 2009 after he is weaned. These photos were taken today. Hotshot has quite a bit of dust and hay on him because I woke him up from a nap in the hay to take his picture. But he's still a gorgeous boy and I just had to share the new pics!


colquisp said... cute! He's a real "hottie!"

I want one!

Split Rock Ranch said...

Yes, he's one "hot number" isn't he?! He's everything we hoped for in this breeding. ;o)

Shelley said...

Hotshot is beautiful. I especially love the last shot; it's so "supermodel".