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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thank you to my Entrecard Top Droppers for April!

Top droppers on Entrecard - Every one of these bloggers dropped on my blog every single day this past month - Thank you!

Cat Lovers Site

Juliana's World


My Library

Silver Sachet

Let's Jump Together

Photography by KML


Black holes and Astrostuff

Hello Kitty Gifts


storybeader said...

did you know you're a top dropper in storyland? Congrats.

Miriam said...

Thank you for the link-love :)

Audrey said...

One day I will have fire fox and be able to drop on your blog everyday!! But till then . . .

Split Rock Ranch said...

Audrey: My life changed dramatically when I made the switch to Firefox last month. OMG - the SPEED!!! Now I'm going to get a new computer and will go screamin' through my 300 drops daily so I have more time to actually READ the blogs I love visiting (like yours!)

Storybeader: Woo hoo! Thanks!

Miriam: You betcha! I put your etsy store on my Favorites list today. ;o)