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Monday, September 14, 2009

Lalo likes to play FarmTown on FaceBook!

I just had to share these pics with you today. This is our newly adopted kitten, Lalo who loves to play FarmTown on FaceBook! He will sit there for the longest time just watching the screen. In the second photo, its like he's saying "What?! I'm busy here, can't you see?!"

And I have a question for all the cat people out there - does anybody have any idea what breed of cat Lalo might be? The vet put "Seal Point Siamese" on the paperwork but I don't think Lalo has the characteristic triangular shaped head that the Siamese has, nor does he have the lanky and stretchy body. His points are getting darker as he ages and he is developing brown stripes on his legs. He is extremely affectionate and follows us around like a little puppy dog. He craves, no DEMANDS attention! I was thinking perhaps he might be Burmese? His littermates were a different color: Axel was a black/charcoal gray cat with green eyes and Julian was a chocolate/black cat with blue/green eyes. All three came from the local shelter and nobody there got to see what the momma cat looked like. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated (not that it really matters because he's well loved no matter what breed he is!)


Small Town Mommy said...

Doesn't everyone love FarmTown? I can't help with what kind if kitty he is, but he is certainly beautiful!

Pricilla said...

I don't know breeds as I have always had mutt cats. But he sure is pretty.

Split Rock Ranch said...

Mommy: Oh yeah, FarmTown is addictive. If only farming were really this easy! And thank you, we think he's beautiful, too!

Pricilla: Me, too - we've always had mixed breed kitties. And thank you, too!

Daisy said...

So far, I have not played that game yet. But it does look like fun.

askcherlock said...

The cat id just too darling. He could probably teach me a thing or two about playing the game!

Shinade aka Jackie said...

Oh my goodness Rascal our new kitchen loves everything about both our computers.

I kept warning my husband not to leave his laptop open and he would n't listen.

All of a sudden about 3 days ago we were in the living room and heard Windows loading up.

My hubby looked over at me and said now what in the world would cause that?

I said "Did you close your laptop?' he answered, "nope I didn't." I said I bet Rascal's in there and he was.

As for the breed I don;t about being full blood but there's definitely a lot of Siamese I would think, with the coloring and those blue eyes!

Happy Farmtown!!:-)))

P.s. beware, Rascal started with a simple fascination also. Now he is definitely into learning the keys!!:-)))

Anonymous said...

Be careful Lalo, that FarmTown is really addictive. You could get Carpul Catpaw Syndrome.

BeadedTail said...

Now that Lalo is on Farmtown, I know I am the only one left who's not on Facebook!

As for what kind of cat he is, he does look like he has Burmese in him but I don't know. I think he's just mixed with love!

Brenda (Prairie Daisy Handspun) said...

So cute! I don't know what kind of cat he is, either, but he does look a little annoyed that you interrupted him. :)

Sady the farm "Lady" said...

I believe you have a Tonkinese, a cross between siamese and burmese.
To quote The Cats Fancier's Associations : These cats are firmly convinced that humans were put on earth to love them. Check out their web site and see if this is your cat.
But he is one smart cat and if he hits level 34 in Farm Town , we could use him on the board of directors of Farm Town Weekly.

Split Rock Ranch said...

Daisy: It IS fun, you should try it! Or FarmVille is also fun.

Cher: Thanks! He's just started playing so he's still learning, too.

Jackie: Lalo has tried the keyboard, too, but gets removed immediately so he's learning not to get on it. Our toy poodle, on the other hand, regularly types SOS messages on my AIM! I have to lock my computer every time I leave the room.

Vixen: Good advice!

BT: Then it is time to get on FaceBook!! And you're right, he is definitely mixed with love!

Brenda: Thanks!

Sady: I believe you're right! I googled Tonkinese this morning and sure enough he looks exactly like the Champagne Mink kitties and his brothers were the natural colors. I'll keep you posted on is Farm Town progress!

Sara Katt said...

Tuesday Sept. 15th, 2009

Hi Lalo and Lalo's Mommie

Cute pics. Sorry I can't help you. Just stopping by to say "Hello". We are three Swedish cats. My mother is a mixture of Norwegian Forest Cat and Turkisk Angora. My Daddy was probably a European shorthair.
I know this much we were never in a shelter. Our Mommie bought my mother from other two-leggeds that she knew well. She even has a photo of my grandmother. My littermates and I were an accident. But our Mommie took care of us and made sure that my sister and brothers got to loving forever-homes.
I admire you for buying your cat at a shelter. We all think that those kitties need a break.
Good Luck with your research.
I'm not into computer-games, but I like to lie by the keyboard where it's warm! And I do blog!
I have my own blog, "SaraKatt skriver/Sara Cat writes" ( It's not on EntreCard because it is in both English and Swedish. EC demands that all blogs only be in English, so Mommie chose one of her jewellery-blogs to be on EC.

Best wishes
Sara Cat and my Mommie,
Christina Wigren
(aka "Anna" of "Anna's Adornments")

elf said...

He may very well be a seal point Siamese. He may be an apple head variety though. One of my favorite cats I ever had was full blooded seal point, apple head Siamese. His name was Teddy as he got older he turned almost completely chocolate brown,he also weighed 25 pounds when he passed away at 14 years! He was very talkative and intelligent, when I first started dating my husband he met me at the door and ran me into the bathroom to show me the tub was almost ready to overflow(old building bad plumbing). He always wanted to be near me and at night would muffle me(lay across my chest) He would wake us up at 4 am to give us his latest news or tell me he was out of food. He was a great cat and if Lalo is this type of Siamese you've got many years ahead of you with the best kitty in the world!

jude8753 said...

He certainly is handsome regardless of the breed. I know absolutely nothing about cats, but it sounds like you have hit on his breed already.

Katherine a.k.a. Katie Corrigan said...

I'm not sure what farm town is...but if the kitty likes it I'll have to give it a try..giggle :-)

MamaFlo said...

I play Farmtown too!

Lin said...

Who knows what Lalo's got in him--he is very cute. And smart to be playing Farm town!

Five O'Clock Somewhere said...

Might have some Ragdoll in him. Whatever breed he is, he is super-cute!

Wendy said...

How cute! He's such a pretty cat. :)

LadyMorgahnna said...

I agree that he is probably an apple-head or traditional Siamese. They fell out of favor (sadly) in the 70s, I think, when they bred the Oriental Siamese, the sharp angular skinny Siamese. (not my favorite look, they look too much like starving models).
Tonkinese is another possibility. I love my Siamese cats, they are wonderful characters and so beautiful inside and out.