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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Foster Kittens Update

The foster kittens have grown like crazy in the past week! Little Krissy who was so emaciated that she couldn't even stand up on her own when I got her now looks like Jabba the Hut. My vet told me that feral and stray cats who don't know when or where their next meal will come from will gorge themselves when they find food. Apparently Krissy fits this profile. Poor little baby. I'm just happy that she has put weight on and is playing with the other kittens. They are still a bit jumpy around people but are warming up to us and getting better every day.

Here is Kenny, lounging on his favorite fleece blankie.

And Barbie lounging on her favorite blankie (doesn't she look like she's smiling?!)

And Krissy has crawled up to the highest spot she could find and is lounging on her favorite sherpa fleece bed (see the Buddha belly on this girl?!)

And last but certainly not least is little Jellybean who is now completely off the bottle and on solid foods with the rest of the kittens (whew!) And her hair has grown back, too.

She runs to us and climbs right up our legs and all the way up to our shoulder where she sits like a little parrot.


Anna said...

Oh, what adorable cutie-pies!!

Take a peek at my T-post where I feature a neighbourhood cat.

Anna's Ts

Ann said...

They are so adorable. Barbie does look like she's smiling but then I suppose she really does have something to smile about. Krissy is just the cutest little thing

Lin said...

Oh, they all look so healthy and happy! You take such nice care of those babies. :)

BeadedTail said...

They are growing up! I just love those little kitten faces!

Ruth said...

I just love cute kitty pictures!

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

I stand by what I said before: Jellybean is the one who is going to steal everyone's heart!

Daisy said...

They are so cute! I also have a soft spot for little Jellybean.

Pricilla said...

Oh, another little Sherpa!

Lynne said...

They are so cute! Wish we lived in the area so we could adopt one!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said... cute! Krissy looks like my Miss PennyKat!

ceemee said...

Barbie does look like she's smiling. They are so adorable! I miss having kittens!

Janet at New Moon Glass said...

I admire your fostering...we have two rescued cats, Chopper and Chica. All your foster kitties are gorgeous well as their favorite blankies!