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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Chinese Lantern Hand Knit Scarf from Handspun Art Yarn

Remember the scarf I made a few weeks ago called "Mum's The Word"? Well, I bought another skein of handspun art yarn from the same fiber artist/seller, Rachel at Coolclimates on Etsy. This one is called "Chinese Lantern" and oh my gosh is it gorgeous! Rachel posted photos of Chinese Lantern on her Ravelry page and I immediately sent her a message telling her I wanted this yarn. I knew right away I wanted to make another scarf but I wanted this one to be different from Mum's The Word. I wanted something wider with more of a "canvas" to show off those fabulous Chinese Lantern flowers!

Again, I had another project on the needles and was going to finish it up before starting on Chinese Lantern but I made the mistake of setting that gorgeous skein of yarn on my work table next to the computer and it kept calling to me. So, I grabbed a pair of #13 knitting needles and started a scarf. I made the pattern up as I went along, letting the yarn tell me how many stitches to make and how wide to make the scarf.

And here is "Chinese Lantern" the scarf!

Materials: wool, mohair, firestar, tencel, bamboo, recycled sari silk, fabric flowers, silk and alpaca yarn

Lush fall colors of pumpkin, spruce, cedar, rust, pine, saffron, copper, tangerine, jade and celadon.

Scarf measures over 7 feet in length and 5 inches wide.

Stunning texture and color to this yarn.

Pattern is my own design.

There are so many ways to wear this scarf. Drape it around your neck and wear it straight and long. Its long enough to wrap around your neck a couple of times and still have some to drape down the front. Fold in half, drape over your shoulders and pull the ends through the loop. Your imagination is the only limit to the number of ways you could wear this scarf!

Sure to garner loads of compliments and looks!

Chinese Lantern is available for sale in my ArtFire store. If you are interested in this scarf but don't have the funds right now, I can hold it for you or do a layaway plan. Just contact me or leave a comment here and I'll respond. 


Anonymous said...

Don't you love it when you get to work with a yarn you are just drooling over!!! Lovely:)

Split Rock Ranch said...

Nancy - absolutely! This yarn was a visual and tactile delight!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous scarf! You are so talented, girl :)

Split Rock Ranch said...

Thank you Lisa. I have been on a knit and crochet binge lately. I'm itching right now to start something else. The amazing thing is I'm actually finishing these projects! No additional UFO's around here!! Maybe I should pull out some of my UFO's and finish them...

Michelle said...

I think all of your scarfs are truly works of art. They look like something a movie star would wear :)

Split Rock Ranch said...

Thank you Michelle! That means a lot to me, especially coming from you! HUGS