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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cria update

Our newest little cria is growing stronger every day. We're pretty sure she was born at least a week to 10 days early because she was so weak and her ligaments were so soft when she was born. However, she is running around the pastures now and making new friends. She and Rosie are quickly becoming BFF's.

Here are Rosie and Autumn Shadow - they are about three months apart.

And here is a photo of Phoenix taken today - he is now almost four months old.

We have two more females that are due any time now. Here is Dazzle, who is pretty much taking things in stride, just lounging around eating. It looks like she has swallowed a basketball (or two)

And then there is Dee - who is not the least bit happy about how she feels right now. Her ears are almost always back like this lately.

Dee doesn't look as big as Dazzle does but it is because Dee hasn't been sheared so her wool covers her baby bump. And, Dee is larger and has more capacity than Dazzle so she doesn't show quite as much as Dazzle. Which one will deliver first?

And, another photo of little Autumn

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Pricilla said...

Autumn is so sweet!

Do they ever have twins?

Split Rock Ranch said...

Pricilla: Thank you! She is so cute now. I was quite worried about her for the first few days because she was so quiet and not nearly as vigorous as the first two crias we had this year. Llamas rarely have twins.

Michelle said...

They are SO cute! You certainly o a great job with these special babies! Thank you so much for continuing tovisit my blog through all the crainess and I admit some laziness. Take care :)))

Split Rock Ranch said...

Michelle: So good to see you here!!! Thank you so much. I saw the little bottle fed kitten you are fostering. She is adorable! I haven't been very good about visiting other blogs or keeping my own up. Craziness abounds here lately! Take care of yourself and your fur babies, too!

Lin said...

Oh, that little Autumn is so darn cute!! What fun to have new little ones to enjoy. Are llamas silly? You know--do they do wacky things like goats? They don't seem like they are very silly for some reason. Maybe because they look so regal.