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Friday, June 27, 2008

Wildfire Near Us

Yesterday, Thursday June 26, 2008, a wildfire started in an area about 5 to 6 miles south of us. I took some photos of the fire from our front yard (see photo immediate left). I also took photos of the big helicopter that was pulling water from Wright's Reservoir right across the road behind our house (photos at top of blog entry). After Jim got home from work, we drove past the fire to an area called 4 Mile Ranch and drove about half way up Witcher Mountain to take more photos (middle photos - wide range view and closeup views). We watched with binoculars and took photos for about a half hour or so then headed home to check the status of the fire on-line. The fire grew to 400 acres by 9 PM last night and by this morning it has grown to 1,000 acres. Bear Trap Ranch subdivision has been evacuated. We were just in Bear Trap Ranch one evening this week, looking for property for sale. The fire burned in the exact area we drove to! I will keep everyone updated on the status of the fire. We should be safe here, unless the winds change and things get out of control. Prayers for the safety of the firefighters, volunteers, evacuated home owners are greatly appreciated. And, while you're at it, please pray for RAIN!!!! This fire was started by dry lightning. This is the second fire in the past 4 days. The first fire was about 3 miles southeast of us and only burned about 25 acres. I guess it was a good practice run for this fire.


DreamWoven said...

stay safe and i hope they put it out soon. we are dealing with the big sur california fires here.... very sad indeed.

Split Rock Ranch said...

They now have the fire 100% contained and all but 7 families have been allowed to move back into their homes. Most of Colorado's resources for fire fighting are in California helping to fight those fires. Stay safe and I hope they get the California fires out very soon.

Anonymous said...
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