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Monday, July 28, 2008

Another new fiber blend!

More new yarns and fiber blends!

First, my fiber blend: Glacial Ice (a re-make of my popular Glacier Bay blend!)

This is really a soft, lustrous, lofty and yummy fiber blend. This Custom Fiber Blend combines ultra-soft merino and lustrous tussah silk in snowy white with merino, corriedale and mohair in blue, green, yellow and white along with some snowy white Firestar to create this beautiful Custom Fiber Blend that we call Glacial Ice. Gently blended on our hand crank drum carder using a technique we have perfected to assure good color and fiber separation.

Fiber Content:
45% Merino/25% Tussah Silk/20% Corridale Wool/10% Mohair/ Firestar
The pics don't show the true color of this blend because it got cloudy by the time I got to taking photos of this blend. I'll have to reshoot the pics on a sunny day.
Available in my etsy store:

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