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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sock Yarn - Superwash and Nylon in Peacock Colorway

Here's my latest handdyed sock yarn in my Peacock colorway (teal, brilliant blue, purple, spruce and turquoise)
400 yards of 75% Superwash Wool and 25% Nylon - enough to make a pair of adult socks

Available in my etsy store:


Morandia said...

I LOVE this colorway! geez... teach me to dye like that!!

Split Rock Ranch said...

It has taken many trials using several different techniques to finally figure out what works best for me. Unfortunately I still only paint one skein at a time so production is slow but one day I hope to figure out a way to achieve the same results with more skeins. Thank you!! This is my own personal favorite colorway. This skein sold pretty fast.