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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Butterflies in the Rose Garden - Custom Fiber Blend Batts

This is a Limited Edition Custom Fiber Blend that I created using BFL wool (very soft) in Butterflies colorway from Karen's Kolorways, bamboo (soft, lustrous, wicks moisture) in Rose Garden colorway from The Fiber Lady and mohair in greens, pinks, gold and corals to create this beautiful blend that I call Butterflies in the Rose Garden. It is soooo soft, lustrous and lofty - you will love spinning this one up! This blend contains no superwash fibers so it will also felt. Perfect for nuno felting into a fabulous spring scarf or shawl! These two batts are the last ones available in this fiber blend. You can find them in my etsy store: .


Stormee said...

These are really beautiful, I love your color combinations.

Split Rock Ranch said...

Thank you so much Stormee! I am in a SPRING kind of mood lately so I wanted to create something in bright spring-y colors.

Laane said...

I love these colours.

Can you tell me more about bamboo in fibers?
I haven't seen it here yet.
Does it prevent shrinking?

Have a great weekend!

Split Rock Ranch said...

Fast Facts about Bamboo

Bamboo is an environmentally friendly fiber.
Bamboo plants are fast growing - they have been known to grow over 3 feet overnight.
Bamboo has a unique anti-bacteria agent and this agent has been shown to last for many washings.
Bamboo is naturally pest resistant and can be grown without the need for pesticides.
Due to the fiber structure of bamboo with it's micro-holes, it can absorb and evaporate sweat from human skin in a fraction of a second.
And, to add to the appeal, bamboo has the sheen, weight and drape of silk. Bamboo is more alkaline tolerant than silk and is not harmed by the aluminum in antiperspirants like silk is.