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Friday, January 30, 2009

New Limited Edition Custom Fiber Blend Batts


This Limited Edition Custom Fiber Blend is so refreshing and spring-like. And just look at the luster and shine in these batts! Soft roses, pinks, aqua, lavender and a touch of yellow/gold. 50% Blue Faced Leicester (which has a crisp hand but is very soft and lofty) and 50% Bamboo. Your finished yarn should have amazing drape to it. Or, use this for your next felting project - perfect for nuno felters!

Fiber Content: 50% BFL Wool and 50% Bamboo

Fast Facts about Bamboo
Bamboo is an environmentally friendly fiber. Bamboo plants are fast growing - they have been known to grow over 3 feet overnight. Bamboo has a unique anti-bacteria agent and this agent has been shown to last for many washings. Bamboo is naturally pest resistant and can be grown without the need for pesticides. Due to the fiber structure of bamboo with it's micro-holes, it can absorb and evaporate sweat from human skin in a fraction of a second.And, to add to the appeal, bamboo has the sheen, weight and drape of silk. Bamboo is more alkaline tolerant than silk and is not harmed by the aluminum in antiperspirants like silk is. 2.0 oz in one beautiful lofty ultra-soft batt. This is a Limited Edition Luxury Custom Fiber Blend. The fiber used to create these batts are all custom dyed fibers from different fiber artists so what I have listed here is all I have in stock on this blend. As of listing time there are three batts available.


Claire said...

Another beautiful batt as always from you!

Split Rock Ranch said...

Claire - Bless you for saying so! I just did another one yesterday that I listed in my etsy store today and might post here on my blog tomorrow - but probably Sunday since tomorrow I'm going to go look at a horse. I'm hoping she's "The One" - my forever horse that I can bond with and have a very special relationship with.

amkovacs said...

Scrumptious and soft and inviting... What fabulous colors!

Split Rock Ranch said...

Thank you! I have definitely been in a spring mood lately and these batts are the result of one of those days. ;o)

Claire said...

Oh wow! I hope she is "the one" and then of course you must blog about her! Today I am picking up an angora rabbit from our local shelter. His name is Butterscotch. He'll be contributing fiber to my stash, of course.

Claire said...

Just went to your shop - Earthen is gorgeous too! But....the pictures are kind of odd. They are blurry and not like your usual pictures. Might need a re-do on that...unless it was your intent.

Split Rock Ranch said...

Hi Claire: No, she wasn't "the one" no matter how much I wanted her to be, I just didn't feel the connection. I am soooo bummed tonight. Give Butterscotch a big hug from me! Oh, post pics on your web of him, too!

And, you're right, the Earthen pics are really crummy. I took them indoors in the bathroom with light from the skylight above and two sets of incandescent lights turned on. I took the first couple of pics with flash and they were washed out terribly so I turned the flash off, which means you have to hold the camera reaaaaal still, much more still than I was able to! I normally take my pics outside but the wind was blowing soooo hard, those batts would be in your yard by now! Or they would have gotten blown into the bushes and become mulch for the garden... hmmm, Earthen would have been a great name then, huh?! Yeah, I'll see if I can get some outdoor pics taken of them tomorrow and put new pics on etsy and a post about them here. Thanks for letting me know - I was hoping it was my monitor or my eyes...guess its a good thing it isn't either of those right?!

Inspiration By Karen said...

Such a beautiful combination of colors in this batt! : )