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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Peace Rose - Crocheted and Felted Hat

Split Rock Ranch One-of-A-Kind Original


Designer Hat Hand Crocheted and Felted from Wool Yarn with Novelty Needle Felted Wool Locks Hatband

This gorgeous designer hat was hand crocheted from 100% wool yarn in salmon, pink and coral colors then slightly fulled/felted, then hand finished and shaped. It has a needle felted hat band made from hand dyed border leicester locks and a rolled brim. The BL locks were dyed in yellow, pink and vermillion and those colors blended to create some beautiful deep orange colors, as well. I hand selected small batches of matching locks and needle felted them in layers around the entire brim of the hat. The inside of the hat measures approximately 25 inches and can stretch to accomodate a larger head. There is a hand crocheted band made from matching wool yarn woven through the hat just under the hatband to allow sizing of the hat.

The colors used on this hat remind me of the beautiful Peace Rose, hence the name Peace Rose!
Available for sale in my etsy store:


Inspiration By Karen said...

I LOVE this hat it is gorgeous!

Split Rock Ranch said...

Thank you. It was a LOT of fun to make!

Hanks In The Hood said...

I didn't realize you crocheted!

Split Rock Ranch said...

Yes, I DO! I've actually crocheted for much longer than I have knitted and usually prefer crochet to knit as long as I can find the right pattern or I just make things up as I go along. Crochet goes so much faster for me than knitting because I can crochet in my sleep, in the dark, etc. I have to pay attention when I knit!

Nancy said...

love that hat!