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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fresh off the spinning wheel.

Both of these yarns are spun from superwash wool rovings dyed by CJ Kopec Creations for the CJKC Ravelry Spin Along. For a Spin Along everyone gets the same fibers and then puts their own twist on it and posts photos of the resulting yarn, then everyone votes on their favorite yarn that month and the winner gets a gift certificate to CJ's etsy store. FUN! I couldn't choose between the rovings so I got one of each - one cool roving called "Take a Leap" and one warm roving called "Trust Me".

Both yarns are available in my Etsy store. I renamed them. "Take a Leap" became "Poseidon" and "Trust Me" because "Pumpkin Spice". I'm wishing I would have bought two of each roving so I could have enough yarn to make a pair of socks. Maybe I'll mix these two skeins (if they don't sell) and alternate stripes to make a cool/warm pair of socks.

I used Picasa photo software (a Google free software!) and created the awesome collages. I want to play with the Picasa software and llama's another time gobbler, I can see it now!

UPDATE: Coby is going to dye up another 4 oz roving in each colorway so I can spin another skein of yarn in each color - these will be perfect sock yarns!!!! I only wish I could get the nerve to finish up the heel of my first sock, which has been on the needles for a year now!


Ann said...

Love those colors.
Playing with pictures can be very addictive. Have fun with it

Pricilla said...

So pretty...I wish my knitting were worthy and my budget was large.

Claire said...

Love love love the Poseidon. Beautiful job as always. If I didn't know how to spin, I'd buy it! It's funny, I am currently spinning some mill ends I bought in a similar colourway called "Neptune" and I am sure there is either mohair or Lincoln or something similar in these mill ends, adding a lovely halo and shine.

Sandy & the sheep said...

The colorway with the red tones is one of my favorites! Your yarn is gorgeous- and would love to see the socks you create too when you get there! Thanks for sharing such prettiness! Smooches from the sheep!

Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...

wow...I love these colors!!! I wish my grandma was still alive so she can make something from them :-)