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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm Stocking the Store Just in Time for Holiday Shopping!

I've been busy lately carding up Custom Fiber Blend batts for spinning, felting and other fiber art. I'm going to quickly share with you a few photos of my latest and greatest creations and then I'm off to card up more batts. Some of these batts sold right away and I'm busy recreating similar batts, so there will be no links to the individual batts in the store but I will put a link to the etsy store so you can take a look and see what's left. I may even do a Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday sale on the depends on how much inventory I have and how organized I manage to get...

First up is Treasure Chest: wool, kid mohair and tussah silk

Next is Precious Calico Kitty
(This one sold right away so I made a second batt)
Alpaca, Camel Down, Yak Down, Silk, Wool

Precious Kitty II

Rose Garden - Merino wool and Bamboo

More to follow, depending on how my day goes...


Pricilla said...

The blue is stunning!

BeadedTail said...

Those are so pretty!

Hot Rocks said...

Oh I love that Treasure Chest Blue! Lovely sheen as well.

Jason said...

Going to add you right now! Take care.