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Friday, November 13, 2009

My Final Choice for the Banner

After playing with several different suggestions and ideas that my wonderful visitors offered I have decided to go with the third collage and added the grid lines in tan and changed the text to white to make it easier to read. Although I do find the text more difficult to read on the orange background than the blue, we decided to use this collage because those two backgrounds together offer a lot more space for text than the blue background by itself. The collage with the text on just the blue background looks too cluttered. So, here is my final choice for the collage to be used for our vinyl banner.

By the way, the text looks really small in these photos but when you print it out on a 2'x3' banner it is big enough to read easily. I'll try to remember to post the llama collage I designed for a 2'x1.5" banner. I thought the lettering was way too small but couldn't get it any bigger and when the banner arrived I was thrilled at how fabulous it turned out!


Ann said...

I think it looks fantastic. you did a great job with it. Such a great color combo

Theresa said...

I love it, you did a brilliant job. Love the line-up of the photos.

Sandy said...

What's your vinyl banner for? I must have missed your post about it, though I do love the colors I see in this collage.

Are you going to make yourself some business cards with this, also?

Traveling Suitcase

tahtimbo said...

It looks terrific!!

Mountaindreamers said...

the banner looks great, your yarn is gorgeous and my hat came today, thanks so much , Laura

PJ said...

yes, that looks great! if you ever want me to do something for you in photoshop, i will. i love messing around on there. hugz!

BeadedTail said...

That looks great now! I do like the white lettering better and the separation of the photos.

Maitri said...

Whooo Whooo Whooo!

I swooned over ALL of your pictures. Your colors are outrageously GORGEOUS! I can't wait to get moved and my fiber studio set back up so I can SPIN. Any one of your posters would have been superb!

Incredible job honey! What a feast for the eyes (and I'd love to get my hands in those fibers.... sigh...)

Hugs and love to you,


Pricilla said...

I love all the bright colors. I'm glad the white letters worked out.

Lin said...

I like your final decision--it really shows the colors. I just want to touch all of them!

ilovemy5kids said...

What fun banners!

Thanks for leaving a comment on my SIT's DAY!

What a blessing!
Lana @

Angelica Bays, said...

Woohoo! Boy, did I luck out on Sits Saturday Sharefest! I'm so excited to look around your shop. See, my late uncle had a llama ranch in California. AND I crochet so although I just do toys in acrylic right now- I hope to use some fancy real fiber yarns on clothing items soon.
Ok, gotta go browse!