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Friday, November 20, 2009

We Sold Two Llamas Yesterday

Yesterday we had some visitors to Split Rock Ranch looking at llamas. They own over 100 acres in northern Huerfano County (southeast of us) and need livestock to maintain their agricultural status (which is a HUGE tax savings, for those of you who don't know what AG status affords you!) They decided to investigate llamas. They had already picked out two of our males, Midnight Hour and High Five.

Midnight Hour was a perfect gentleman and behaved himself very nicely. He was shown starting at the ripe old age of 5 months old (we weaned him from his mother and took him to National Western Stock Show to show him for the very first time). So Midnight is "bomb proof" and very easy to handle.

We have handled High Five quite a bit and he has done the Fairplay Llama Race several years so he has been handled by strangers, as well, but he was antsy yesterday because he is younger and we had them tied up where they could see and smell the females and High Five was more interested in putting on a show for the ladies.

Then we started talking about females because they want to buy a female from us next summer. I had a particular female in mind that is in their price range and totally unrelated to both Midnight Hour and High Five. So I pointed her out and then we went to look at one of her offspring that just happens to be a High Five son - you all know this little guy...Chocolate Chip. One look at Chip and they changed their minds; they fell in love at first sight and decided to get Chip rather than High Five.

So, they paid with cash and a personal check and went back home to finish their fencing and housing preparations and will either come pick the boys up after they've found a suitable stock trailer or we will deliver the boys to them when they're ready.

I'm thrilled because this is going to be such a great home for the boys. I'm kind of bummed because it will be strange to look out the kitchen window and not see Midnight Hour sunning himself on the south side of his Rock & Tree. And Chip holds a very special place in my heart.


Daisy said...

Ah, congratulations! It sounds like they are going to a wonderful home.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I can see how this is bittersweet. But the boys will be going to a great new home.

BeadedTail said...

I can certainly see how it would be bittersweet to see them go but it sounds like they'll have a good home. Hopefully you can hear updates on them from time to time.

And as a CPA I certainly understand the tax advantages plus a lot of our clients (mainly alpaca clients) are buying more animals as well as new trucks, trailers, you name it, to get that all important Section 179 before the end of the year!

Ann said...

congrats on the sale but I suppose it is like giving up a piece of the family.

Lin said...

Oh, that will be sad when they leave. But you know they are going to a nice home and they will be fine. Those are some handsome llamas you got there--I can see why the gals love them!

Karen said...

Aw. I would think it would be hard to give them up but knowing they are going to a good home helps.

vickie said...

I loved your pictures and muse. Since my dh is from Peru, I have a fondness for llamas, although from a distance. :)

Anna said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog! You are a real doll!
I am reading your post and the comments to it about the sale of your llamas. Sigh.
If I were you I would have mixed feelings. I just have to think about Cajsa's six kittens that I midwifed with her nine and a half years ago. I cried when the last of them went to their all very good homes. But if I hadn't found these homes for them when they were "cutest" and ready to leave their mother, I would have had eight adult cats living in a small apartment!
This is a conflict between the heart and the mind.
I try to imagine how you must feel about a larger animal like the llamas that demand so much more from you.


Hot Rocks said...

Well it sounds like they are going to a good home, but I can see how when you are attached to an animal that it would be hard to see them go.

DayPhoto said...

It's hard to give up friends! SIGH! Big Sigh!

But a good home is nice and knowing it's a good home is real nice.


Marlaine said...

I can sure understand that you will miss them! Great phots! I always stop and read when there are llama photos. I'm fascinated by them and yours are so beautiful.

Dorothy said...

My friend and assistant has an alpaca farm she has to see this .

My first visit..great blog..

Dorothy from grammology

Pricilla said...

I know how hard it is. It's like when I had to let Harry go....
But as long as you know it's a good home that's what it's all about.