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Monday, March 8, 2010

Foster Kittens Update

Sorry, lately I've been posting mostly fiber and yarn and I know some people don't really care to see all of that, but it has consumed my life and my time for weeks and I just had to share!

I decided I needed to update everyone on the foster kittens that we took in three weeks ago. Three days after we took them in, the smallest kitten woke up with one watery eye. The next day, both eyes were watering. The next day he was sneezing so hard he got a bloody nose. I called the shelter and ran in to pick up some antibiotics. He was to be on a seven day course of the antibiotics. The antibiotics were I believe maybe orange flavored - they mixed up orange at any rate - and he hated to take them. I felt so bad forcing him to take the stuff but I knew he had to take it to get better. The next day I thought we were going to lose the little guy because he was so stuffed up and lethargic. Jim gave him Reiki and I cleaned his little eyes, face and nose up several times a day with a warm damp wash rag. Within a few days he turned around and by day 6 of the antibiotics he was playing and eating again. Day 7 he was exhausted - in fact all the cats were laying around the house like little furry rugs and nobody was active. Every other day he was active, followed by a day of inactivity. Now, finally he is eating like a little hog, romping through the house for hours and gaining weight. He also had severe diarrhea when we got him and that has gotten better. Rather than feeding them the Science Diet kitten food that the shelter gave me, I am feeding them the all life stages grain free kibble that we feed our cats, along with scrambled egg, cottage cheese and plain vanilla yogurt to build the bacteria back up in their systems. No, I don't spoil my foster kittens! ;o)

These kittens were named Thelma and Louise but now that they're older we have Thelma and Louis because the "paint" kitten is clearly a male. And Thelma is clearly a female - a DIVA in training! She meows her displeasure at all sorts of things. She loves to snuggle on your lap, but only if it is her idea. If you pick her up and she doesn't want to be held she squirms and meows until you put her down. Several times I've run out to see who was hurting whom and it was Thelma squalling because somebody looked at her wrong. She starts fights and then meows loudly when the other kitten or cat plays too rough. Louis, on the other hand, purrs loudly when you talk to him, pet him, pick him up, etc. Male cats are always so much more affectionate - I should have known from the beginning just from attitude that one was a male and the other was a female!

So, here are some photos I took a few days ago while Thelma and Louis were watching a fly on the ceiling. They are too cute! I have to call the shelter this week and see when they need to go back. Both kittens are at least 2 pounds 5 ounces now - Louis has gained a full pound since we got them and he has surpassed his sister in weight now. Doesn't it look like he's smiling in this photo?!


Pricilla said...

Oh, they are adorable!
I'm glad to hear they are doing better.

Split Rock Ranch said...

Pricilla: Thank you!
Tim: I've earned my stripes on several of our foster groups with illness, etc. This batch also was semi-feral and had no clue what a litter box was for. I found little surprises in several places before I started watching them like a hawk and rushing them to the litter box! They are at the easy and adorable stage right now and it will get harder and harder to return them with every day that passes by now!

Thanks for visiting!

Ann said...

They are adorable. Glad to hear that the little one is feeling better. Those are great shots you got of them. It makes me want to go out and get another cat. My daughter and her boyfriend just went to an animal shelter over the weekend and got one.

Anna said...

They are so cute, your photos are great. Glad they are doing well.

Just so you know, I like hearing about all the different aspects of your life; fiber, yarn, spinning, animals, kittens. You name it! You are a very versitle person!

Lin said...

Oh gees, poor little guy! Hobbes was sick like that too when we got him. He kept getting bloody noses from being so drippy, which was really scary. It's so sweet of you to foster the little ones so that they can grow to be healthy kitties for a new home.

Thanks for the update!

Split Rock Ranch said...

Ann: Thank you! Please consider adopting a kitty from your local shelter. There's always room for one more!

Anna: Thank you Anna! It is so good to know that at least some people enjoy hearing about the fiber, yarn, etc. along with the llamas and critters.

Lin: Thank you! We love fostering the kittens although when they are sick it is very difficult to really enjoy having them around. Now that Louis is feeling better then are an absolute JOY to have with us. Hugs to Hobbes. Hope he's still feeling well.

BeadedTail said...

They are both adorable! I'm so glad he's doing better! What a lucky little guy to have a foster mom like you!

Anna said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving your kind words.
If you don't get as many comments on your posts about fiber, yarn etc, it may be because most people are not qualified to say anything about the technical side of crafts. You have to know alot to do what you do to dye wool, to card, to spin, to knit or to couquet or to weave. My guess is that many read, but don't know what to say without sounding silly.
On a post about pets or babies, you can always just say "cute!". But this does not mean that your posts about fiber are not read or at least looked at.
I wish I were a better knitter, and wonder when I am going to find time to practice. But I can admire your fibers and yarn and dream about and imagine what could made out such excellent products!
We have colour as a common denominator. We both work with colour.

Daisy said...

I always like looking at your beautiful yarns and colors, even though I don't usually comment (especially liking the Pansy color).

Thelma and Louis are so adorable, and I'm glad Louis is feeling better now. It sounds like you have them on an excellent diet. Everybuddy thinks Science Diet is such a good product, but it has lots of corn and corn gluten in it. Yuck!

Split Rock Ranch said...

BeadedTail: Thank you! I treat my foster babies just like I treat the rest of the crew, only they're usually a bit more spoiled in the meal department.

Anna: You have an excellent point. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on that. I was thinking perhaps I should do posts about how I make things: dyeing, spinning, carding, etc. Maybe I'll set up some kind of a survey and then see what everyone is interested in.

Daisy: So glad you also enjoy looking at the yarns, etc. You're right, many of the premium dog and cat food brands are still a long way from being the perfect diet. The reason the shelter is using SD is that they get it donated for free. I am going to contact the company who makes the grain free food and see if they would be interested in donating bags of their food to the shelter. The animals all do so much better on it.

trusk4u said...

Because I love reading your blog whether it be about yarn and fiber stuff or animal antics, I am passing this Sunshine Blog Award to your blog. Congratulations!
This link will give you info that you will need.

WillOaks Studio said...

They are just precious and I'm with you, male cats are so much easier, more lovey dovey, etc....I love the boy's little face (kinda' like Purrmeister here!) but wow, giving them up would be really hard for me! Bless you for getting them all fit and healthy, tho!!

Split Rock Ranch said...

Trusk4u: Thank you so much for the award! I'm so glad you enjoy visiting the Split Rock Ranch blog.
Karen: I have always said male cats and female dogs are the best. I have a few exceptions here but I find it to be true most of the time. We love being able to get our kitten fix and then have them go to good loving homes. Some of them are harder than others to let go when the time comes but I go into it knowing that I cannot keep them. Of course, foster families always get first chance at adoption so it is a great "try before you buy" option!

Grampy said...

The foster Kittens are adorable. They are lucky to have you.

Marlaine said...

Those kitties are so cute. Beautiful green eyes too! Good for you for fostering them.

Lynne said...

Oh my gosh! They are so darn cute! I'm glad the antibiotics kicked in, sounds like they're both going to be quite healthy. :-D


Lucky Lady said...