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Saturday, March 6, 2010

ICE PRINCESS - Handspun 2-Ply Yarn - Merino, Tussah Silk and Bamboo - 260 yards

I found this gorgeous roving in my fiber stash this past week. It was the January 2010 Roving of the Month from a fiber club I joined from Cloudlover69 on Etsy so I don't have a photo of the roving before spinning. I started spinning this one very thin, thinking I was going to navajo-ply it (which is basically where you chain ply almost like crochet and ply the yarn back onto itself, making a three ply yarn) but decided that it would be easier if I just split the roving in half, stripped each half into thinner strips for spinning and then two plyed it. I love how this turned out. At first I thought there was too much white in the roving for my liking and thought I would end up with too many long white runs in the yarn, but after stripping the roving into much thinner strips the white just blended in with the blue, aqua and turquoise and made pastel colors. I had some yarn left over on one of the bobbins after I got done plying (since I started spinning it much thinner on the first bobbin) so I navajo plyed that bobbin and ended up with another 21 yards of 3-ply yarn for a bonus skein.

I photographed this yarn yesterday morning (after steaming it Thursday night) and listed it in my Etsy store and then posted it on my Split Rock Ranch Facebook page. It sold within minutes of listing!


randomcreative said...

Congrats on the quick sale! Love the colors. :)

Ann said...

Beautiful color, sort of looks just like the sky does right now. Love that shade of blue.

Pricilla said...

I can's gorgeous!

FishHawk said...

"Split Rock Ranch" has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors (not to mention customers!) here.

Split Rock Ranch said...

Randomcreative: Thank you! Glad you love the colors.
Ann: You're right - it does look a lot like the sky! I was so pleased with how this turned out.
Pricilla: Thank you!
FishHawk: Thank you for including Split Rock Ranch in your Sunday Drive!
And thank all of you for visiting Split Rock Ranch - you're always welcome here!

Alterity Button Jewelry said...

I can totally see why it would sell right after you listed it! Gorgeous!

Bev said...

I had to smile to myself when I looked through your many surprises. It's my first time here and I mistakenly assumed "ranch" and "horses". THere are llamas. Then I read your posts and found it was written in another "language"...that of yarns and spinning...and you need a whole new dictionary to follow. It's fascinating though. One of the things I love about southern Italy is that they make so many things from, ceramics, cloth etc..they are artisans. And I see you are the could fit right in. Glad you visited, because now I've found your site too.
Romancing Italy

Split Rock Ranch said...

ABJ: Thank you!

Bev: I'm glad you visited and that you found so many things that you enjoyed. Actually we do have horses, too! I think you're right, southern Italy sounds like a place where I would fit right in. One day I would love to visit!

Hot Rocks said...

This is a fabulous colour! Apparently, turquoise, blues and greens are very hot colors for Spring.