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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spinning up a Storm!

I have been spinning up a storm this week! I just listed two new skeins of handspun yarn today in my Etsy store.

First up is the Reggae on the River BFL roving that I showed you yesterday.
First the roving
And the finished two-ply yarn

I may buy another one of these rovings in merino/silk or merino/bamboo so I can spin it even thinner and then Navajo 3-ply it which keeps the color runs cleaner. I think the colors were somewhat muted by doing a two-ply yarn and mixing the colors. Any thoughts on that?

And next a boucle yarn made from a fiber blend batt of BFL wool, silk, bamboo, glitz and angelina in greens, purples, turquoise/aqua and white plyed with purple and turquoise cotton thread. I love how this one turned out! It is so soft and poofy and fluffy.


Ann said...

Very pretty. I just can't get over what a difference there is between the roving and the yarn

Alterity Button Jewelry said...

I agree, it is a little more muted. Now, I don't know anything about spinning, but I personally like the muted look better. Then again, I typically wear neutral colors - Hubby won't go in public with me wearing anything but - I'm good with colors in my work, but not in my wardrobe!

Anna said...

Beautiful colours!
Thank you for hosting my badge on your widget today. Isn't it funny? I'm on your widget at the same time that you have your badge is on my widget! It looks like we planned it that way, but we didn't!

Nancy said...

Wow, I'll say you've been busy! They are both gorgeous, but I love the multicolored one (Reggae). Right up my alley.