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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Back to the Grindstone...I Mean Drum Carder!

This week I dove into my enormous stash of custom dyed fibers and created three new Custom Fiber Blend batts. The first one I made is a recreation of a similar set of batts I created a year ago using some of the same fibers and adding additional fibers.

First up is Butterfly Garden. Blue/greens, golds and rosy pinks carded up in stripes. Very soft custom dyed BFL wool along with uber soft custom dyed tussah silk, mohair top and kid mohair locks with a generous dollop of Angelina to add sparkle and bling to the mix.

Next I carded up some custom dyed merino top with some commercially dyed multi-color merino top and added some custom dyed mohair and tussah silk then added a generous helping of Firestar and Angelina in a variety of rich earthy colors to really spice things up. This first batt I carded up in stripes similar to Butterfly Garden. This one is Canyonlands (stripes).

And finally, because I love these colors sooo much and because I had plenty of fibers, I decided to do Canyonlands again using the same fibers only I used a layered technique of applying the fibers to the drum carder, resulting in a more blended version. This is Canyonlands (layered).
I think I need to make another set of Canyonlands for myself to spin up. I love these colors!


Anonymous said...

Man ! Every time I look at those colors I'm tempted to buy them, even if it's summer ! I'm not joking, I think I'll make a stack for the winter so I can enjoy working with them !

Pricilla said...

Truly stunning. Like fairy hair

Ann said...

Such pretty colors. I just love them. I like Priscilla's description of fairy hair.

Split Rock Ranch said...

Monica: Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall...they're all great for fibers! You can NEVER have too much fiber! Its one of those timeless, no season things for me.
Pricilla: Thank you! I actually have several batts named Fairy Wings and Fairy Dust. Glad you see it in there, too!
Ann: thank you. I like Pricilla's description, too!