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Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day to everyone! Please take a moment today to thank our service men and women who make daily sacrifices to preserve and protect our country and our freedoms. And please remember and honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. All gave some, but some gave all. I love the song by Billy Ray Cyrus - "Some Gave All" and I have shared the YouTube video link in the post below.

Have a safe and relaxing holiday!


Lin said...

That is a great song. I never heard that one before.

I'm gonna honor the day by hunkering down on the couch and watching war movies.

Marg said...

Happy Memorial day to you too. Great video. I don't believe I have heard that one before either.
Have a great day.

Pricilla said...

Happy Memorial Day to you too

Ann said...

Happy Memorial Day

Michelle said...

Such a nice post.
I know I'm not supposed to write on your wall so I wanted to tell you that I hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow. I also think that it's fantastic for you to raise money for the animals as your birthday present :)

Split Rock Ranch said...

Lin: Enjoy your movies! Glad you enjoyed the song. It makes me cry every time.
Marg: Glad you liked it, too!
Pricilla: We had a fabulous VEG OUT day today! We needed it!
Ann: Thank you!
Michelle: Thank you so much. You're welcome to write on my wall on Facebook!