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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Autumn - Fabulous Fringe Scarf - Another Split Rock Ranch Original Creation

I recently finished this scarf using some fabulous yarn that I bought from It is spun by Natalie at Namaste Farms using locks from her own Wensleydale sheep to make it. This is similar to the Extreme Fringe Scarf but the fringe is yarn cut in varying lengths and then hand tied onto the center and outside edge of the scarf. I used the Wensleydale Long Locks yarn and a skein of my own handspun that I found in my stash. It coordinates perfectly with the Long Locks yarn!

Here are the yarns together - my two-ply handspun already crocheted into the skinny scarf and laid with the Long Locks yarn - could they be any more perfect together?!

And the finished scarf. The scarf is 8 feet long including the fringe - 6 feet long without the fringe at each end. It is 1-1/2 inch wide not including the fringe. This is the scarf just draped around the neck and tied with the organza ribbon that I ran through the center section of the scarf.

And here is the scarf put on with the center in front and the ends looped around the back of the neck and over the opposite shoulders.

And I honestly don't remember how I created this next look. But it is more like a neck warmer or collar than a scarf.

And a close up of the scarf so you can see the detail of the fringe better.

I will share more finished projects soon!

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Split Rock Ranch said...

This is the scarf that was forwarded to the editor of Vogue Knitting.