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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sorry I've been AWOL, but I really have been BUSY!

So sorry it has been a couple of weeks since I last posted. Losing Smokey really knocked me down for a bit. I'm just now getting used to the idea that he is no longer here. And I still cry when I think of him (like right now). But, I have so many other animals to care for that I cannot stay sad for long, the others need me. We haven't gotten a call to foster any kittens yet this year either. Maybe that's for the best because I'm fairly certain if I had a foster kitten right now I wouldn't want to give it up when the time came.

But, I have been keeping myself busy with fibers. I will share with you what I've made in the past few weeks.

The last post I made was Wordless Wednesday and it was this Extreme Fringe Scarf

This scarf is another Split Rock Ranch One-of-A-Kind Original Design creation. The base scarf is handspun from a merino/bamboo fiber blend batt purchased from Hanks in the Hood and spun by Brenda Vance at Split Rock Ranch. The merino/bamboo yarn was plied with a viscose thread in a gorgeous copper color. The fringe is tailspun yarn handspun by Esther at JazzTurtle Designs using some gorgeous long Teeswater wool locks. Tailspinning is an extremely labor intensive spinning technique that results in some stunning extreme lock yarn with a price tag that reflects the time and effort involved. Teeswater sheep originated in The United Kingdom and are relatively rare in the United States. It takes a couple of years growth to reach the long staple length so the price tag on the Teeswater long locks is higher than that of more common shorter staple length fibers.

This scarf is named "Verdigris" and is available for sale in my ArtFire store. Here are some additional photos of it, showing various ways to wear the scarf.

I won't bore you with what else I've made in the past few weeks - I'll do another blog post soon with more projects to share!


Pricilla said...

Hanks in the Hood.

It's just stunning, like everything you make.

Lin said...

Maybe it is time for you to go and get another kitty of your own. I like to think that I honor my kitty's memory by giving another kitty a loving home. I mean, I have so many sunshiny windows, lots of cat food, and good places to sleep--how do I deny a little one a home?

I'm sorry that you are still so sad. I don't like that feeling of missing someone so much. Sending you love and hugs, pally.

Split Rock Ranch said...

Pricilla: Cool name, huh?!
Lin: I think you're right. I wanted sooo badly to adopt little Mickey but hubby kept saying we "didn't need another cat". But, now we're technically "down one", right? So, no excuses if I fall head over heels for another one. Fortunately, every kitten we've ever fostered has found their loving furever home. If there was one that didn't eventually find a home, I would probably adopt it and bring it back here - hopefully it would remember being here previously and the adjustment period wouldn't be too long.

Hot Rocks said...

Wow..that fringe scarf is very cool! Great design.

Split Rock Ranch said...

Thank you!! This is another one of my original design creations. My very first extreme fringe scarf, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, inspired a LOT of spinners to start spinning and using the tailspun locks yarn. One of my designs has been sent to the editor of Vogue Knitting. I'm on pins and needles waiting to hear what she has to say about it!