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Friday, April 30, 2010

No Kittens = Time to Play with Fiber!

With the kittens gone this week I got busy carding up all kinds of fiber blend batts on Tuesday. I recently sorted through my enormous stash of fibers and put them into boxes and bags by colors and it was really easy to sort through and pick out what I wanted to blend this time.

I'm just going to post pics of the batts and a link to the Custom Fiber Blend batt section in my Etsy store so you can go there for more information if you're interested in them.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


CastoCreations said...

So beautiful! You are so talented. The colors are stunning.

Regina said...

You have such the artist eye for color combos all of these.

Split Rock Ranch said...

CastoCreations: Thank you!! (blushing..)
Regina: Thank you sweetie!

Ann said...

such pretty colors, my favorite is the second one

Lin said...

where did you get the knack for such colors??? I love to see what you make. :)

imelda said...

i love to use this as christmas decorations. happy tuesday here

Michelle said...

I Have no idea how someone can have such an eye for combining colors :)

Hot Rocks said...

Your lovely colors of yarn brighten my very wintery white day! Yes...still snowing here.

Split Rock Ranch said...

Ann: Thank you! Its hard for me to choose a favorite.
Lin: I have no idea. I don't have any formal training in art of any kind!
Imelda: Thanks!
Michelle: Somehow it just happens.
Hot Rocks: Glad I could help brighten a wintery day for you. It snowed here on Monday. it SUMMER yet?!