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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thelma and Louise - ADOPTED!

Tuesday morning I took Thelma and Louise to the vet's to be spayed. Yes, Louise IS a female. She looks totally different "down there" than Thelma but she is a girl. The people who were adopting her almost changed their minds because they thought they were getting a male kitten and male cats are generally more affectionate than females, but they decided to get her!

I met my friend Deanna in Woodland Park and she bought me lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant. She then followed me to Divide to the animal shelter and picked up her new baby girl, Thelma. She picked Thelma up and Thelma crawled up to her shoulder and proceeded to growl at all the other cats in the room. Deanna put her in the crate and Thelma immediately curled up, sighed and watched out the window serenely. I made up a certificate for Thelma - "Certified Diva", graduate of Level I training is Miss Precious' Diva Academy. Its signed by Precious, DMT (Diva Master Teacher). Deanna got a hoot out of it and I had a blast coming up with it!

Thelma is settling into her new home and has already put the dogs in their place. I'm anxious to hear how the night went. Hopefully she was tired enough to sleep through the night without raising a ruckus.

They hadn't picked up Louise yet when we were there at the shelter yesterday so I hope that their adoption is going as well as Thelma's and that they are as pleased with their new baby as Thelma's new Momma is.

This foster period was the longest we've ever had - 10 weeks to the day. It was also the hardest to part with them but knowing they went to excellent loving homes made it much easier. And, kitten season will be here soon so we'll probably be playing with new fosters soon enough.

Munchkin and Moose are distraught that their girls are gone. They spent the entire day and half the night calling for them. Sigh...I know boys, its hard saying goodbye!


BeadedTail said...

We're so happy to hear that Thelma and Louise both have new furever homes! Seems that Thelma picked out her new Momma right away! How sad that the boys missed them so much but hopefully like you said there will be more kittens for them to play with soon! Thank you for all you do for kitties!

Lin said...

Oh, parting is sooo bittersweet. :( I'm so glad that got new homes, but sheesh, I'm sure you all miss them dearly. I'm thankful for foster moms like you who raise such great kittens. All of my kitties were in foster homes and it certainly makes it easier to transition.

Ann said...

hooray for thelma and louise! i don't think i would be able to give them up so i know trying to be a foster home would not be a good idea for me

Pricilla said...

It's so good they have homes. I am always happy when I hear that.

Anna said...

Ahhh! Poor boys miss their girls! What sweet faces! Glad the adoptions are going well.

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

That's great that Thelma went home with a certificate! It sounds like she is already ruling her new home with an iron paw (enclosed in velvet fur and kitten sweetness, of course). I'm sure Louise's adopter will love her just as much as Deanna loves Thelma. Clearly they are both totally lovable, since the boys miss them so much!

If only all kittens had a nice foster home, and great furever homes to go to...

Sara Katt said...

Good luck to two beautiful kitties, Thelma and Louise!

It's great that they could spend time in such a wonderful foster home and come to loving forever homes. I wish all kittens could be loved like that!

But I feel sorry for the boy cats. And frankly, I would have had a hard time parting with the these girls.

Thanks for sharing!

Sara Cat

Daisy said...

I wish Thelma and Louise a lifetime of love and happiness in their new Forever homes!