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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Vacation August 2007 - SW Colorado


Pricilla said...

Colorado is one state we did not visit in our travels.

Ann said...

sure is pretty

Lin said...

I'm gonna just have to live vicariously through you. :) It is lovely there.

Split Rock Ranch said...

Pricilla: So sorry you missed it! So many beautiful places here. I love it!
Ann: Yes, it certainly is!
Lin: I'll post more pics from that vacation trip. It was our last hurrah before Jackie graduated. We went to Mesa Verde, too, so I'll post pics of that as well.

Anna said...

I've never been west of Kansas. But I hope that "my ship will come in" one day before I become too feeble to travel. It would be fun to take a trip and see some of this amazing country. Even more, I would really like to stop by and visit Split Rock Ranch one day.
Right now, it doesn't seem very likely... Lots of bills, debts and practical problems that are too boring to blog about.
But somehow, I'll figure out a way. Please stay healthy, it may take a couple of years!
(I know I have said this before) in the mean time, I've got to help Elisabet learn to knit. Yes, she wants to learn how to knit!!

Brenda said...

Wow - what a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Hot Rocks said...

Looks a lot like where I live...foothills of Rocky Mtns, Alberta!

Waterrose said...

We were in that same area about that same time. We spent a week in Ouray and did a lot of off-roading...beautiful area!