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Monday, May 11, 2009

Clementine's first cria - Willie B Goode

This is Clementine's first cria - a male we named Willie B Goode. This photo is a scan of a snapshot we took almost ten years ago so the quality isn't that good, but since I found it I wanted to post it - I didn't even realize I had a photo of Willie.


Daisy said...

Willie is very handsome! How many years can llamas live to be? I am going to guess maybe 20 years?

Split Rock Ranch said...

Very good guess Daisy! Yes, llamas can live at least 20 years if provided with good care. Our oldest llama will be 18 in June and he's still going strong.

Pricilla said...

I LOVE the name...llamas just crack me up. I know I keep saying that but they do. I have a photo of a friend's llama - Teddy - he looks like he owns the world and I think he thinks he does!
heh heh

Can I steal your no NAIS button?

Split Rock Ranch said...

Hi Pricilla - go to and there is a link on it where there are all kinds of graphics for NO NAIS - animal specific! Llamas, sheep, cows, etc. I cannot remember if there is one for goats but I believe there is. Absolutely put one on your blog if you do not support NAIS!