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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Contest - Win 10.000 EC Credits

A fellow blogger, Vanilla Seven, is giving away 10,000 Entrecard credits to the winner of his contest. Here's what is posted on the blog:

Prize: 10.000EC credits!

Blog about the contest and link back to this site also put a comment of what are they doing!

Winner: the most creative and funny comment will win the contest
Dateline: May 29, 2009

My Comment on what these birds are doing is: Are you SURE this is where you lost your colorful tail feathers?!

UPDATE: I WON!!! Thank you so much to Vanilla Seven for having this contest and for selecting my entry. I really appreciate the 10,000 Entrecard credits!


Anonymous said...

Very interesting contest:) Thanks for friending me on raverly. I joined your group too, thanks for the invite. I'm still figuring all of that stuff out!

vanilla said...

Congratulation Brenda!

You are the winner of this contest!

Check details here:

Split Rock Ranch said...

Awesome!!! Thank you sooo much!!