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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Last week I finally got a chance to dye up some fibers. I had some fabulous 50% Rambouillet Lamb/50% Kid Mohair skinny roving in my stash that I dyed up in the crockpot in Bronzed Burgundy (Golden Yellow and Burgundy and the Bronzed Burgundy created when they combine) and Lemon Lime (Sky Blue and Yellow Sun and the shades of blue/green created when they combine). These rovings were processed right here in Colorado from Colorado raised animals!

Then I decided I needed to try dyeing up some 100% Alpaca roving that I bought from my friend Jen at Hanks in the Hood. She bought the raw alpaca fleeces and had them processed into this beautiful roving. Again, my Bronzed Burgundy colorway on this alpaca. It didn't take the dye as deeply as the skinny rovings but it is very soft and should have a nice fuzzy halo on the finished yarn.

And, last but certainly not least - This is my entry for the May 2009 CJ Kopec Creations Spin-A-Long. Handspun two-ply yarn spun from rovings purchased from CJ Kopec Creations on etsy. 100% Corriedale wool in soft peachy/coral and buttery yellow. Plyed with a gold thread. Corriedale is not ultra soft but this yarn turned out fluffier and softer than I expected. Beautiful color. Coby called the roving Cupie Doll but I renamed the yarn Seashells because it reminds me of a big Conch Shell.

174 yards and 1.7 ounces. This is a fingering weight yarn with 1600 yards per pound. Hand wash cool, lay flat to dry.

21 wpi - 1-3 needle recommended or hook size B, C or D. If I was knitting with it I would use a larger sized needle to create a more open look to show off the colors and the gold sparkle!

I have more of this fiber available and will be spinning more skeins of this yarn up.


tstreasures said...

Those colors are beautiful! I bet they feel soft too.

Pricilla said...

Oooooooh, pretty colors! I wish I was a better knitter. *sigh*

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Love the colors!

Sweetwater Designs said...

Beautiful! Love the fiery red and yellow mix~ so summery!

WillOaks Studio said...

The pink spinning against the conch shell is a wonderful image!! My love of pink is showing again! Beautiful fibers!